Mathra Devi

Mathra Devi was born in a Kashmiri Hindu family in the year 1878 A.D. From her young age, Mathra, was interested in spirituality, and eagerly learnt the Hindu Spiritual texts from a famous Kashmiri scholar.

She was married at her teenage, but her husband was died very soon after their marriage. After the death of her husband, Mathra returned to her parental home at Verinag, and she rigorously performed meditation on Lord Shiva. After a few years, she met her spiritual Guru, Pandit Shridhar of Srinagar. The Guru guided her properly and taught spiritualism and Hindu Philosophy to her.

After some time, Mathra constructed an Ashram for performing penance on the banks of River Jhelum. Due to her spiritual powers, lot of people become her devotees, and they had trained Yoga, Meditation and learned the divine matters from Mathra. Since she wants to peacefully meditate, Mathra Devi came to Srinagar and resided in a Shiva Temple at Chotta Bazar, and she spread her spiritual message to her devotees. After some time, she shifted her place to Durganag, and constructed an Ashram.

She reached the heavenly abode in the year 1985, and still Kashmiri Hindus are worshipping her, and getting her blessings.

Let us worship Mata Mathra Devi and be blessed.


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