Karunamai Maa | Founder of Maa Shri Karunamayi Ashram, Gurgaon

Karunamai Maa was born in the year 1913 in a pious Kashmiri Pandit family at Kashmir and her birth name was Bimla. By the guidance of her family priest, who was a sincere devotee of Mata Khir Bhawani, she was initiated in spirituality at her young age. Although she had married and had children, she used to conduct religious lectures in New Delhi for several years. She got many dedicated disciples and they affectionately named and called her as Karunamai Maa – the affectionate and holy mother.

In the year 1989, she established a temple in Gurgaon District of Haryana, and the temple was called as Shree Karunamai Maa Shakti Peeth. She also built a holy temple to Ma Durga and provided free food to the devotees on auspicious festival days. Near the temple, she built a small Ashram and she lived along with her disciples. She also made a beautiful garden with flowers near the temple premises.

A Goshala was constructed and cows were housed for procuring milk and milk products. Due to the calm temple atmosphere, lot of devotees from nearby places began to throng the temple. Daily at her ashram, various prayers of gods were held such as Ganesh Prayer and Shakti Devi Prayer and Vishnu Saharsanamam were chanted. During Navaratri festival days, special pujas were held at her ashram.

Karunamai Maa blessed her devotees and relieved their sins and diseases, and made the people to become pure and clean. She started Ayurveda Hospitals for giving proper treatment to the poor. Free medicines were distributed, and she also performed free cataract operations for the poor old aged people.She helped the poor women by giving financial aid in order to start up their own business.

In the year 2000, Ma Karunamai had attained Samadhi in New Delhi.

Let us worship the holy mother and be blessed.


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