Swami Jeewan Shah (Jivan Shah) | Kashmir Saint

Jeevan Shah was an extraordinary Saint who lived in the 18th Century, and he was born in Srinagar, Kashmir. He got great spiritual powers,and done lot of miracles in the life of his sincere devotees. His parents were ardent devotees of Mata Khirbhavani, and used to visit the “Khirbhavani Shrine” at Tulmulla once in a month by offering the food items, fruits and flowers to the Divine Mother. Due to the grace of Bhavani, two children were born to them.

The first child was named as Hari Ram and the second one was named as Jeevan Shah. Jeevan Shah was born as a divine child. He studied well and got good marks in all the subjects. Though he was not interested in leading a married life, due to the compulsion of his parents he was married at his teenage to a noble girl. But after a few years, Jeevan Shah had become a saint, and began to perform lot of miracles in the life of his devotees.

Some of his miracles are listed below:

(1) During the year 1783 AD, some soldiers kidnapped a Hindu girl, and tried to rape her. Since the girl was aware of the holiness of Jeevan Shah, she shouted loudly and chanted his name for three times, and asked for his help. Immediately the boat was sunk into the seas and the soldiers got drowned, but the Hindu girl landed ashore safely.

(2) He saved his village from drought situation, by worshipping the rain god, Lord Varuna Bhagavan, and made the rain to pour heavily into that place.

(3) He helped a poor man by relieving him from his leprosy, and made him healthier.

(4) Similar to Shirdi Baba, he used to smoke with the help of a pipe and through that pipe he relieved the ASHMA of several people.

(5) He saved several devotees from accidents and suicides.

Let us worship the kind saint and be blessed.

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