Swami Ramji | Kashmiri Saint

Swami Ramji (19th century AD) was the son of the Brahmin scholar Shukdev and he was born in Srinagar, Kashmir in the year 1852 AD. His father was doing Purohit work, and also served as a priest at a Shiva temple.

He was a clever boy, and he performed well in his education and was an outstanding student. In his young age, he met a great scholar and a Shiva devotee, and through his lectures, he was attracted with Shaivite Philosophy and began to study the Shaiva philosophy under the scholar.

Later, he met a spiritual saint, Sri Manas Ram who was a great saint of Kashmir Shaivism. Through his guidance he learnt the concepts of Yoga and meditation, and also studied the religious texts such as Hindu Puranas, Vedas and other sacred texts, and became a great scholar.

Ramji shared his knowledge with others, and taught Yoga and meditation to the people, and guided lot of people in their spiritual journey.

Gradually, he got the divine power through meditation and his name and fame was spread among the Kashmiri people, and he was praised by the king as well as by the pauper. He also done lot of miracles in the life of his devotees, and solved the problems in their life. He had large number of disciples, who were served sincerely to him till his death.

The house where he lived is now converted into an ashram and it is known as Shaivashrama. Devotees can hear the chanting of Vedic hymns and the recitation of Shiva Puran from the Ashram.

He left his physical body in the year 1915 AD and merged with Lord Shiva.

Let us worship the great saint and be blessed.

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