Divine Scriptures

Divine scriptures are nothing but holy texts, which has to be read by the people belonging to all types of religions. As per Hinduism, we are mainly following Bhagavat Gita as our holy text, and apart from that, many other great texts like Puranas, Ithihasams, Vedas, and details about great saints are also available in […]

Which Indian scripture is equal to the Koran or Bible?

Lord Krishna preaching Bhagavad Gita

Which Indian scripture is equal to the Koran or Bible? Actually there is none. It is very difficult to say. The Vedas are considered as the main source (of knowledge), but it is so vast. For all practical purposes, Bhagavad Gita is what everyone reads because it has the essence of most of the main […]

Origin of Bhagavata (Srimad Bhagavatham)

Sri Vyasa was meditating on the sacred banks of the Sarasvati. His heart was in a disturbed condition. He had no satisfaction and peace. He reflected within himself, “I have observed strict Brahmacharya. I have paid due regard to the study of the Vedas, to the worship of preceptors and sacred fires. I have obeyed […]

Vidura Neethi, A guide for Management

Vidura Neethi is a great guide for management skills and potential organizational behavior. Even when one is confronted with the worst trials ans tribulations, he should not lose his balance. Patience is a virtue and the quality of endurance (Krishna) is the hallmark of nobility. This is evidenced by dharmaputra’s absolute calmness and unperturbed out look. Sri karpangadu Venkatachariar expounding the Mahabharatha […]

Vidhura Neethi, Code of Conduct for All

The victim of adverse fate will first become perverted utterly losing his sense of right and wrong. His power of judgement destroyed by Time, the all powerful, he will act in a Way which will lead him to ruin. The above mentioned warning was tendered by an elder statesman to an emperor who had allowed […]