Vidura Neethi, A guide for Management

Vidura Neethi is a great guide for management skills and potential organizational behavior. Even when one is confronted with the worst trials ans tribulations, he should not lose his balance. Patience is a virtue and the quality of endurance (Krishna) is the hallmark of nobility. This is evidenced by dharmaputra’s absolute calmness and unperturbed out look. Sri karpangadu Venkatachariar expounding the Mahabharatha […]

Narayaneeyam | Poetic form of Bhavata Purana

guruvayurappan in guruvayur temple

Narayaneeyam is a holy Sanskrit text, which consists of beautiful poems from the Bhagavata Purana. It was written by Narayana Bhattathiri, during 16th century AD, who was one of the famous poets in Kerala. The Bhagavata Purana is a sacred text, and it tells us about the significance of Lord Krishna, his wonderful Leelas, miracles […]

Gita Govinda | Jayadeva’s Gita Govindam

The Gita Govinda is a popular work which was composed by Jayadeva, who lived in Odisha during the 12th century AD.In this work, he mentions the relationship between Lord Krishna, Ma Radha and the gopikas (female cow herds) of Vrindavana. The Gita Govinda mentions the significance of Lord Krishna and Radha, along with the Gopika […]

Naam Ghosa

Naam Ghosa is a great Vaishnavite text which was written in praise of Lord Krishna. This book was written by Sri Madhabdev in Assamese language during 16th century AD. It insists the Krishna Devotees to develop the practice of chanting the names of Lord Krishna for innumerable times. Madhavdev is an important Saint of Hindu […]

To realise the God in our Soul, Read Divine Puranas

In order to realise the god on our soul, we must have to compulsorily read the divine puranas, and we must make it as a daily habit, similar to the people of other religions who makes it as a habit of eagerly and regularly reading their sacred texts on a daily basis. By reading Puranas […]

Thiruvasagam | Sacred Poems on Lord Shiva by Manikkavacakar

Thiruvasagam is a set of divine poems written in praise of Lord Shiva, and it was composed by the famous saint poet Manikkavacakar (MaanikkaVaasagar) during the ninth century AD, and Thiruvasagam was accepted by Lord Shiva himself, by giving his darshan to Manikkavasagar, and by touching his holy text Thiruvasagam in his lotus hands. It […]

Maha Bhakta Vijayam

Maha Bhakta Vijayam, is a most famous work which describes the greatness of Lord Vithoba also called as Lord Vittal, is a form of Lord Krishna, and it was read by Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi, and he also recommends his devotees and followers to keep a copy of book in their homes. Maha Bhakta Vijayam […]

Sangam Literature | Ancient Tamil Literature

The Sangam literature denotes the ancient Tamil literature and is the oldest literature. The Tamil literature reaches its peak before few thousand years, and it was highly patronised by the Madurai kings. Rishi Agastya had contributed a lot in the Tamil Literature, and he has written poems and wonderful works in the form of palm […]

Agamas | Theological Treatises, Practical Manuals of Divine Worship

The Agamas are a collection of Hindu Holy Scriptures. Agama texts describe yoga, meditation, mantras, construction of temples, worshipping the deities and various ways of pleasing him like singing, dancing and enjoying his divine beauty. These sacred texts are written in Sanskrit, Telugu and Tamil and also in various Indian languages. The Agama texts are […]

Palm-leaf Manuscripts | Ancient Manuscripts

Palm-leaf manuscripts are made out of dried palm leaves, and ancient scholars had used these leaves as writing material, similar to the present day paper. But if the palm-leaf manuscripts are not preserved properly, it would be eaten away by white ants and by other small insects. Most of our ancient Tamil texts were written […]

Thevaram | Tamil Scripture of Shaivism

The Thevaram contains some volumes of the Tirumurai, which is a divine collection of poetry on Lord Shiva. These volumes contain the works of the great Nayanar Saints Sri Sambandar, Appar, and Sundarar. The three poets are considered as ardent devotees of Lord Shiva, and they also stolen the hearts of millions and millions of […]

Periya Puranam | Purana describes 63 Nayanmars

The Periya Puranam is the famous Shaivite text, and it also known as TiruttontarPuranam, is the Purana of the Holy Nayanmar saints, and it describes the life history of the sixty-three Nayanmars, who are the staunch devotees of Lord Shiva. It was written during the 12th century by Sekkizhar. The Periya Puranam is one of […]

Divine Scriptures

Divine scriptures are nothing but holy texts, which has to be read by the people belonging to all types of religions. As per Hinduism, we are mainly following Bhagavat Gita as our holy text, and apart from that, many other great texts like Puranas, Ithihasams, Vedas, and details about great saints are also available in […]

Which Indian scripture is equal to the Koran or Bible?

Lord Krishna preaching Bhagavad Gita

Which Indian scripture is equal to the Koran or Bible? Actually there is none. It is very difficult to say. The Vedas are considered as the main source (of knowledge), but it is so vast. For all practical purposes, Bhagavad Gita is what everyone reads because it has the essence of most of the main […]

Origin of Bhagavata (Srimad Bhagavatham)

Sri Vyasa was meditating on the sacred banks of the Sarasvati. His heart was in a disturbed condition. He had no satisfaction and peace. He reflected within himself, “I have observed strict Brahmacharya. I have paid due regard to the study of the Vedas, to the worship of preceptors and sacred fires. I have obeyed […]

Vidhura Neethi, Code of Conduct for All

The victim of adverse fate will first become perverted utterly losing his sense of right and wrong. His power of judgement destroyed by Time, the all powerful, he will act in a Way which will lead him to ruin. The above mentioned warning was tendered by an elder statesman to an emperor who had allowed […]