Thevaram | Tamil Scripture of Shaivism

Shiva Puran 7 37-42.mp4-180

Shiva Puran 7 37-42.mp4-180

The Thevaram contains some volumes of the Tirumurai, which is a divine collection of poetry on Lord Shiva. These volumes contain the works of the great Nayanar Saints Sri Sambandar, Appar, and Sundarar. The three poets are considered as ardent devotees of Lord Shiva, and they also stolen the hearts of millions and millions of Shiva devotees through their bhakti songs, and their work acts as an important source for establishing the Bhakti movement in India.

During the 10th century, at the time of the Chola King, Sri Rajaraja Chola, these holy poems are collected and properly preserved by Sri Nambiyandar Nambi, a famous devotee of Lord Shiva.Even today, Thevaram would be sing by the devotees inthe Shiva temples in Tamil Nadu. The singing of Tevaram is regularly done in temples like Madurai Meenakshi Amman Temple, Nellaiappar Temple and Thanumalayan Swamy Temple.

Sri Sambandar, Appar, and Sundarar travelled to many holy Shiva temples during the period of Pallava kings,and offered divine discourses and sung beautiful songs on Shiva, and they also spread the Shiva Bhakti amongst the people through their mesmerizing songs.Due to their holiness, those who embraced Jainism and Buddhism had re-converted into Shaivism. According to the Nayanmars, those who have devotion on Lord Shiva would be always safeguarded by Shiva, and they would not suffer from any kind of problems in their life.

Some of the verses from Thevaram are as follows:

1. In the temples of Shiva, he steals our heart through his pleasant looks and he gives us wisdom, prosperity and knowledge.

2. Through your cosmic dance, the entire universe is functioning properly.

3. You are the chief among the gods, and controls, the entire universe through your supreme powers.

4. By reciting the Shiva Mantra, “OM NAMAH SHIVAYA”, we would be relieved from our sins, and would get salvation after our death.

5. Oh! Shiva! You are the consort of Mata Parvati, and you have given half of your powers to Parvati, and both of you are considered as the divine parents for this entire universe.


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