Sangam Literature | Ancient Tamil Literature

The Sangam literature denotes the ancient Tamil literature and is the oldest literature. The Tamil literature reaches its peak before few thousand years, and it was highly patronised by the Madurai kings. Rishi Agastya had contributed a lot in the Tamil Literature, and he has written poems and wonderful works in the form of palm leaf manuscripts in praise of various Hindu deities.

Tolkappiyam is an ancient Tamil text, which was written by the popular poet Sri Tolkappiyar and it is still considered as one of the excellent Tamil works.The Sangam literature had added significance to the Hinduism religion, and it also praises the holy temples in Kumbhakonam.

The great poet Kapilar had written many works and also sung beautiful divine songs in praise of Lord Vishnu, Vinayaka, Shiva, Durga and Muruga. Sangam literature consists of details of more than 500 sages and also contains nice information about Hindu deities. Nakkiranar was one of the important contributors in the Sangam literature, and his famous poem Thirumurugatrupadai was still praised by the present Tamil Scholars, and also by the devotees of Lord Muruga.

Some of the Sangam period poems are as follows:

1. Netuntokainanuru

2. Kuruntokaianuru

3. Narrinai

4. Purananuru

5. Ainkurunuru

The Sangam literature was written by more than 600 poets. Some of these poets were belonged to rich family, some belonged to business family and some of them belonged to poor family.Some female poets are also written wonderful works during the Sangam era. During the Sangam period, due to the sincere efforts of Pandiyan kings, Tamil Language attained royal status similar to Sanskrit.


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