Naam Ghosa

Naam Ghosa is a great Vaishnavite text which was written in praise of Lord Krishna. This book was written by Sri Madhabdev in Assamese language during 16th century AD. It insists the Krishna Devotees to develop the practice of chanting the names of Lord Krishna for innumerable times.

Madhavdev is an important Saint of Hindu religion and he was a great disciple of Sri Sankardev. He became the successor of Sankardev after his death. He is well known for writing devotional poems.

This holy text was translated into English language in the name of ‘The Divine Verses’ during the year 1997. This text is widely appreciated by the Krishna devotees, since it shows the proper spiritual path of attaining the holy feet of Lord Krishna.

Some of the verses from the Divine Text, Naam Ghosa are as follows:-

1. Be more polite and show your kindness on everybody.

2. People born in this earth must have to surely face some kind of hardships on their lives, but, we could get the withstanding powers by the way of developing more and more devotion on Lord Krishna.

3. The reason for human’s sufferings is based on their own actions only, and for that, they can’t blame on Lord Krishna.

4. Sickness, sufferings, enmity, laziness, tensions and mental worries would fly away once if we keep start reciting the marvellous names of Lord Krishna.

5. Don’t rely on the company of your friends and relatives, and, instead of them always rely on the company of Lord Krishna.

6. For getting proper understanding about Lord Krishna, keeping faith on him is most important.

7. You cannot be a master, consider yourself as a slave and servant to Lord Krishna.

8. You would get unlimited happiness and peace of mind, if you keep thinking about Lord Krishna.

9. Don’t worry about yourself. Do your duty, and rest you leave it on to the lotus feet of Lord Krishna, since he would take care of you properly.


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