Vidura Neethi, A guide for Management

Vidura Neethi is a great guide for management skills and potential organizational behavior. Even when one is confronted with the worst trials ans tribulations, he should not lose his balance. Patience is a virtue and the quality of endurance (Krishna) is the hallmark of nobility. This is evidenced by dharmaputra’s absolute calmness and unperturbed out look.

Sri karpangadu Venkatachariar expounding the Mahabharatha Dealt with the ennobling advice given by Vidhura, a great counselor and an unparalleled states man, to to the bind king, Dhritharashtra, while explaining the independent consequences arising out of the enmity between the pandavas and kauravas, Vidhura Neethi it may be termed, brought out several valuable doctrines.

For instance, Vidhura says that some are always intent on creating rift and conflict,reviling and sawing seed of dissension or wounding others, sentiments . Friendship with such men should be shunned.

Those endowed with wealth should help their kith and kin in want. They should however decide either to refuse to part with their one or render the aid, knowing full well that it will not be returned. There is no point in regretting or lamenting over the lass later.

Dharma Sastras, in which several codes are laid are no doubt difficult to follow, but it will be wrong discard them because of the hardship involved in putting them into practices. Words of wisdom dinned onto the ears of those who refuse to listen and assimilate them, are like precious things last to the ocean, which are irrecoverable.

Dharma sastra should taught step by step. Since youth is the period when one is pulled on all sides by temptations the restrictions on personal conduct are rigid. If there is no control over the senses (Indriyas), the result will be unmitigated suffering  Lust, of any kind, should be controlled with grim determination through strict self- discipline.

Even Vedas are no exceptions and he instanced Indra’s overtures to Ahalya. Vidhura tells the king that Duryodana’s acts against the pandavas were unpardonable. Wealth accumulated by means other than fair, an eye on obtaining future benefits, it will be of no avail. The self possessed, like Dharmaputra, should remain unruffled under all conditions with his thoughts fixed on God.

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