Meherbaba Jayanti 2016

Meherbaba Jayanti 2016, Avatar Meherbaba Jayanti in 2016.. Meher Baba was born as Merwin Sheriar Irani on 25 February 1894 in a Zorastrian family at Pune, Maharashtra. Since childhood, Meher baba has the attraction towards spiritual matters. Avatar Meherbaba Jayanti date is 25 February. On 31 January 1969, Meher Baba left his physical abode. The […]

Tailang Swami Jayanti 2016

Tailang Swami Jayanti, birth anniversary of Trailanga Swami (Telang Swami) falls on Pausha Putrada Ekadashi. In 2016, Tailang Swami Jayanti date is January 20. Tailang Swami was a Hindu Yogi known for his spiritual powers who lived in Varanasi. According to many sources, Trailanga Swami lived to be 280 years old, residing at Varanasi between […]

Tribute to Dr Abdul Kalam

Its a tribute to Dr Abdul Kalam from Sand Sculptor Mr Tarani Prasad Misro made a sand sculpture of Dr Abdul Kalam as a tribute to the Guide and Philosopher of Modern India. Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam (15 October 1931 – 27 July 2015) was an Indian scientist who served as the 11th […]

Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Passed away

Dr APJ Abdul Kalaam passed away on 27 July 2015 at Bethany Hospital, Shillong due to heart failure after having collapsed during a lecture he was giving at IIM Shillong. Government declares 7 days of national mourning following APJ Abdul Kalam’s death. Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam (Listeni/ˈæbdʊl kəˈlɑːm/; 15 October 1931 – 27 July […]

Sadguru Sivanandamurthy passed away

Famous spiritual leader Sadguru Sivanandamurthy died today (10 June 2015) at Warangal. Satguru Sri Sivananda Murthy was born on Marga Sirsha Sudha Navami of Vibhava Nama Samvatsaram in Revati Nakshatram, Kanya Lagnam i.e on Thursday, 21st December 1928 at 00:45 AM in Rajamundry, Andhra Pradesh, India. Sadguru was 87. Sri Sivanandamurthy had breath his last 1.55 am at […]

Basaveshwara, Basavanna (Bhakti Bhandari Basavanna): Founder of Lingayath sect

Basaveshwara, also known as Basavanna was a renowned saint of Karnataka born in a Brahmin family in 1134 A D at Bagewadi in Bijapur District of Karnataka. He is believed to be an incarnation of Nandi who was Lord Shiva’s vehicle. He spread social awareness through his poetry known as Vachanaas. Even though he was […]

Sri Ramdas Navami, 20 February 2017 (Sant Samarth Ramdas Navami)

20 February 2017 is Sri Ramdas Navami (Sant Samarth Ramdas Navami). Samarth Ramdas, originally named as, Narayan Suryajipant Kulkarni Thosar, was a Marathi poet-saint of 17th century. Sri Ramdas was born in 1606 on Sri Ram Navami and died in 1682 on Krishna Paksha Navami in Magh Month as per Marathi Calendar. Hence, it is celebrated […]

Avatar Meher Baba Punyatithi

Avatar Meher Baba Punyatithi is the Maha Samadhi day or the day of disappearance of Meher Baba, who was an Indian spiritual master. Avatar Meher Baba Punyatithi date is January 31. Meher Baba was born as Merwin Sheriar Irani on 25 February 1894 in a Zorastrian family at Pune, Maharashtra. Since childhood, Meher baba has […]

Swami Vivekananda, beacon light to Youth

Swami Vivekananda is the beacon light to Youth. A combination of physical strength, moral purity, mental discipline and of a higher plane will help a person to succeed in his life. The ideal before him, particularly for the youth, should be to develop these qualities and adhere to spiritual values. If one is keep on cultivating […]

Biography of Namdev

Born in 1270 A.D. to a calico printer/ tailor, Damshet and his wife Gonai, in the village of Narasi-Bamani in Hingoli district of Maharashtra was Sant Namdev. Even Lord Pandurang is said to have swayed to his delivery tune of Kirtana through which he propagated Bhagawad Dharma right till the heart of Punjab. Soon after […]

Matsyendranath (Yogi Machindranath)

Cradling one of the oldest civilizations India has been looked upon as an ancient and religious country. The primordial times has seen the rise of many a dynasties and individuals who rules over this nation of diverse culture and geographical distribution. One of the most ancient religion Hinduism is believed to have been founded approximately […]

Swami Ramcharanji Janma Divas (Swami Ramcharan Jayanti)

Swami Ramcharanji Janma Divas (Swami Ramcharan Jayanti) is the birth anniversary of Sri Swami Ramcharanji, a Hindu saint and the founder of ‘Ramsnehi Sampradaya’. In 2014, Swami Ramcharan Jayanti date is February 13. It falls on the fourteenth day of bright half of Magha Month (Magh Shukla Chaturdashi). Ramsnehi Sampradaya is a unique religious tradition […]

Guru Gobind Singh was a warrior, Can a saint also be a warrior?

Absolutely! Saints used to be warriors. Vishwamitra, Parshuram, etc. There are so many Rishis in Shrimad Bhagvatam who were warriors. Guru Gobindji raised this slogan, ‘Sant sipahi bano’ (a saint should become warrior). In fact only a saint should be a warrior. If someone whose heart is clean becomes a warrior, then good will happen […]

Significance of Nammazhwar (Nammalwar)

What is the significance of Nammazhwar (Nammalwar)? Anything associated with Sri Narayana is pleasing to the Azhwars and anything unrelated to Him is disliked by them. The Lord, who wants humanity to have the benefit of Nammazhwar’s Tiruvoimozhi, chose not to grant his request to be freed from Agnana, Karma, and the mortal coil, till he […]

Basaveshwara laid stress on equality

The religious and social conditions which prevailed in India about eight centuries ago demanded the guidance of a bold reformer. Religion at that time ceased to have relevance to the day-to-day living of the common people. Meaningless rituals were rampant. It was in such a society that Basaveshwara was born around 1131 AD in Bijapur […]

Privilege and greatness of Periazhwar

One of the most zealous among the Azhwars – the incarnations of god’s aides was Kulasekara. His attachment is Sri Rama was so intense that he completely identified himself with every one of his acts. He saw Sri Rama in everything everywhere and at every moment and considered that the constant chanting of the every […]

Swami Shankar Dev Ji (Ramdev Baba’s Guru)

Swami Shankar Dev Ji is the Guru of Sri Ramdev Baba Ji. He is considered as one of the ‘Pillars of Divya Yog Mandir (Trust) & Patanjali Yogpeeth (Trust)’. Swami Shankar Dev is Patron and Founder Trustee of Divya Yog Mandir (Trust) and Patanjali Yogpeeth (Trust). Born in 1930 in Almora district of Uttarakhand, he was […]

Macchindranath Jayanti


Macchindranath Jayanti is the Birthday of Matsyendranath. In 2013, Macchindranath Jayanti Jayanti date is September 10. Macchindranath Jayanti is observed in Bhadrapada Month (Bhadrapada Shukla Panchami) day as per Hindu calendar. Muni Yogi Macheendranath (Machindranath or Matsyendranath) was the originator and creator of the Nath Sampradaya. He is said to have lived in the 8th-9th centuries. The Nath Sampradayais a form of Avadhuta-pantha […]

Krishna Saraswati Maharaj Punyatithi (Datta Swami Punyatithi, Kolhapur)

Shri Krishna Saraswati Maharaj Datta Swami

Shri Krishna Saraswati Punyatithi (Datta Swami Punyatithi / Shri Krishna Saraswati Datta Maharaj Punyatithi) is the Maha Samadhi day of Shri Krishna Saraswati, who is considered as an incarnation of Lord Dattatreya. In 2013, Shri Krishna Saraswati Jayanti date is August 31. Shri Krishna Saraswati Punyatithi is observed on Krishna Paksha Dashami in Shravan Month, tenth day after […]

Narayana Guru’s vision of human fraternity

Narayana Guru’s vision of human fraternity Anyone who has gone through the stanzas of the ancient Saivaite scripture, the Thirumandiram, would be familiar with the profound saying of its author. Thirumoolar, that there is only one race and only one God. This statement came thousands of years ago but in recent times, a scholar and […]