Meherbaba Jayanti 2016

Avatar Meher Baba no-watermark

Avatar Meher Baba no-watermark

Meherbaba Jayanti 2016, Avatar Meherbaba Jayanti in 2016..

Meher Baba was born as Merwin Sheriar Irani on 25 February 1894 in a Zorastrian family at Pune, Maharashtra. Since childhood, Meher baba has the attraction towards spiritual matters.

Avatar Meherbaba Jayanti date is 25 February.

On 31 January 1969, Meher Baba left his physical abode.

The Avatar Meher Baba Trust, established by Meher Baba, provides support for aging mandali and engages in other social and religious activities.

From 10 July 1925 to the end of his life, Meher Baba maintained silence, communicating by means of an alphabet board or by unique hand gestures. With his mandali (circle of disciples), he spent long periods in seclusion, during which time he often fasted. He also traveled widely, held public gatherings and engaged in works of charity with lepers, the poor and the mentally ill.

It is to note that Avatar Meherbaba Punyatithi date is January 31.

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