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Mahavatar Babaji

Mahavatar Babaji

Mahavatar Babaji was considered as an incarnation of Lord Shiva. It is also believed that, Babaji sometimes appears in the form of Lord Shiva. Babaji is believed to have still living in the Himalayas for thousands of years and blessing his devotees and was interested in spreading the Kriya Yoga among the universe, in order to make the people to live peacefully. It is believed that he was seen by only a small number of his disciples.


Babaji’s birth name was Nagarajan. He was born on 203 BC in a small village at Cuddalore district of Tamil Nadu, India.

He was a disciple of Bogar. From his younger age, he loved in seeking spiritualism and was interested in doing yoga and meditation.

At his younger age he left his home, and he went to several holy places in india, studying holy scriptures like the Vedas,Ramayana and Bhagavad Gita.

Once he met Bhogar and became his disciple. Bhogar and Sage Agastya taught “Vasi Yogam” to him. Babaji has become a great yogi and got spiritual powers through his guru.

Mahavatar Babaji met Lahiri Mahasaya in 1861, and initiated him into Kriya Yoga and instructed Lahiri to initiate others.

Keshabananda, a disciple of Lahiri, also met Babaji in Badrinath in the year 1935. His sister Mataji was also living with his brother Babaji for thousands of years. She is described as a “Good looking holy lady, who appears in the form of Goddess Shakthi, and blessing her devotees”. Her details are not much known, however she also contains great yogic power, similar to that of his brother Babaji.


Paramahansa Yogananda has mentioned in his book about the features of Babaji. He tells that he is looking in the form of a divine saint with bright face and with full of smile in his face. He looks very charm and attractive with golden coloured body, and possess great spiritual power, and was a great saviour for the entire world.

He blesses his devotees and safeguards from their problems through his yogic power. It is believed that he is still living in the Himalayan cave along with his sister Mathaji. Both of them are in a state of meditation, and were divine avatars.

Let us worship Babaji and his sister Mathaji and be blessed.

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  1. Naveen says:

    Bāba is a Persian word and is used for a Muslim / Sufi person. We should not use it for a Yogi / Sādhu / Siddha Purusha!

    Please don’t corrupt Sanātana Dharma!