Saints are more Powerful than God

Guru Raghavendra Swamy of Mantralayam

Guru Raghavendra Swamy of Mantralayam

Saints are considered as more powerful than the almighty. They act as an intermediary between us and the almighty, and in times of troubles, then would come forward and would hug us similar to our affectionate mother. Saints have been appointed by the deities in order to act as a guide for us, to remove our tears, and to cultivate bhakti in our mind. Before becoming saints, the holy people had suffered a lot in their lives, they didn’t have proper food to eat, and they didn’t respected by others.

Sri Rama Krishna Paramahamsa was a great saint, and he was a staunch devotee of Ma Kali Devi. He got the darshan of Ma Kali Devi, and sometimes, even he would sleep in the lap of the holy mother Kali Devi. But he was addressed by the people as a mad man, but he didn’t worry about their comments. He remained as an affectionate husband for her wife Ma Sarada Devi, and the holy mother didn’t hate him even for a single moment in her life, and she acts as an example for others.

Similarly the great saints like Shirdi SaiBaba and Guru Raghavendra Swamy lived a very pious life and they are still protecting their devotees from their problems.

According to me, even if the divine deities commit mistakes, the noble saints would never commit any mistakes in their lives, and they give us our daily bread and quench our thirst. But some Hindus are not at all realizing and simply they are ignoring the holy saints, and directly worshipping the deities. Generally, we have to approach the god only through our spiritual guru. God has created these divine ones, only for the sake of helping us.

Some people are disinterested to worship the saints and the deities by saying in our Hindu religion, we are having large number of deities, and they are brain washed by some other religious people, and hence, they get themselves converted into other religions. They should know one thing, that no god or saint would change our fate, since they are not supposed to do so. They would slightly bend our fate, and reduce the severity of our problems, and that much only they are entitled to do for us.

Hence let us worship the great saints like Ramakrishna, Guru Raghavendra, Shirdi SaiBaba, and let us worship our Kula Devata throughout our life, and we must keep the Kula Devata in our soul for ever.

Let us be in our religion till our death, and let us honour our great Hindu deities, sages, saints, divine avatars, holy people, and be blessed.


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