Swami Karpatri | Karpatri Ji Maharaj

Swami Karpatri (1907–1982) was born in a village at Uttar Pradesh, and he was a spiritual saint and the strict follower of Hindu Sanatana Dharma.He used to eat only a small quantity of food, and mainly by taking alms, and lived a simple and a disciplined life. His birth name was Har Narayan Ojha.

He was the disciple of the pontiff of the Jyotirmath, Sri Swami Brahmananda Saraswati. He founded the Dharma Sangha in Varanasi, and provided free food to all the devotees of Lord Shiva and to the poor people, and he lived in the banks of the Holy River Mata Ganga. He taught the Advaita Vedanta tradition to many students, and made them into big pundits.

Karpatri initiated the Bhakti spirit of Lord Shiva among all the people throughout the world, including foreigners. He used to give religious lectures and talk about the importance of Shiva Puran, the life history of Nayanmar Saints and Siddhars among the public gatherings.

Swami Karpatri founded the Ram Rajya Parishad, a Hindu party, and also objected slaughtering of cows, but he could not succeed in his actions.He founded the newspaper Sanmarg for promoting the Sanatan Dharma and made speeches all over India about the importance of Hindu Philosophy. He was against caste discrimination, and treated all classes of people as alike and showed interest towards uplifting the down trodden and poor people, and also fought for women empowerment.

He tried his level best to improve the standard of living of the village people, and expressed his views and opinions to the Government. He asked the people to have faith in god, and to worship him regularly, and to have Shiva Bhakti in their minds. He lived his entire life as a Shiva Devotee, and encouraged the people to participate in the religious tours in order to visit the Holy temples.

After rendering a noble service for the society, he left his physical body in the year 1982.

Let us worship the great saint and be blessed.

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