Divine Appearance of Deities

Yadagiri Narasimha Swamy Temple

In our Hinduism, we have large number of gods and goddesses, who are worshipped as deities. The Deities appearances would differ from each other. The first god Lord Vinayaka, looks half human, and half elephant. Similarly the avatars of Lord Vishnu are also looks differently. Lord Narasimha appears in the form of half lion and […]

Varuna Deva | God of Rain, Oceans, Seas

Varuna is a Hindu deity related with the seas. He is found in the Vedic literature of Hinduism. He is the god of sea and rain.He is under the control of Lord Indra. He receives the instructions given by Lord Indra, and will do according to his favour. In the Hindu Puranas, Varuna is the […]

Svasti | Swasti Devi | Svasti Mata | Consort of Vayu Deva

Goddess Swasti Devi is the consort of Lord Vayu, the Wind god. She is mentioned in Vedas and Puranas and contains great powers similar to her consort Lord Vayu Deva. Maa Swasti is believed to be the daughter of Lord Viswakarma, the Divine Architect, and since Lord Vayu was very much impressed with the beauty […]

Ashta Vasus | Attendant Deities of Lord Vishnu

In Hinduism, the Vasus are residing at Swarga Loka with Lord Indra and they obey his instructions. The Ashta Vasus are described in the Ramayana as the children of Kasyapa and Aditi and in the Mahabharata as the sons of Manu or Brahma Prajapati. They are the eight gods who represents the Pancha bhootas, and […]

Ashwini Kumaras | Asvins | Twin Vedic Gods of Medicine

Asvins, also known as Ashwini Kumaras , in Hindu tradition, are twin gods. Aswini Devas are Divine healers and they are the gods of Ayurvedic Medicine. They are also described in the Rigveda and Varaha Purana and in many other Puranas. Ashwini Kumaras have Horse ‘s face and are reported to be very handsome and […]

Lord Varchas | Son of Chandra Dev & Rohini

Lord Varchas is the lovely son of Lord Chandra and his beloved consort Rohini, a famous star goddess. During the previous Dwaparayuga, as per the wishes of Lord Vishnu, Chandra’s son Varchas had taken the birth of Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu was killed in the Kurukshetra war at the age of 16. After his death, he again […]

Pleasing the Deities | Pacifying the Gods | Offerings to deities

We can please the divine deities by offering them various things. But we must do it with pure bhakti and with selflessness. Even breaking the coconuts in the temples of Lord Vinayaka is a kind of pleasing activity, since the elephant god is very much interested in coconut breaking. Doing Archanai, Abhishekham and applying the […]

Nookambika Devi | Nookalamma Thalli

Mata Nookambika is a famous village deity who is having her popular shrine in Anakapalle at Andhra Pradesh. The main deity of the temple is Mata Nookambika. Sri Appalaraju, a great Shakti devotee built the temple for Mata Nookambika approximately before 450+ years. During Ugadi, thousands of devotees throughout Andhra Pradesh would visit the temple […]

Forgotten Deities in Hinduism

In Hinduism, we are worshipping large number of gods and goddesses. Apart from the main gods and goddesses, we are worshipping the demigods, and demigoddesses, guardian gods, saints, rishis and their wives etc. In ancient times, people used to worship the Vedic deities such as Pushan, Akash raj, Lord Indra, Varuna, Brahma,Vayu, Surya, Agni, Yama […]

Divine Beauty of Deity

Our temple deities would look very beautiful and attractive. Nothing can be made equivalent to their lovely smile. Whether it may be Krishna, Muruga, Shiva and Shakti etc., the loveliness and the sweetness of the deities can attract the hearts of millions and millions of devotees. In ancient times, the deities are carved by the […]

Tumburu (Tumbaru, Tumbara) | Celestial Musician & Singer

In Hindu religious history, Tumburu is the best among singers and is a great musician of Gandharvas. He composed music and songs in the courts of Divine gods. BIRTH AND IMPORTANCE Tumburu is described as the son of sage Kashyapa and his wife Pradha. Tumburu often is described as the best among Gandharvas. He sings […]

Mata Aditi, the Mother of many Gods

Aditi is the goddess of sky, and controls our mind, avoids unwanted thoughts, and gives happiness and peacefulness to us. She is the consort of Rishi Kashyapa, and she is the mother of the Adityas, Lord Indra, AshtaVasus, and the Vishnu Avatar Lord Vamana. She is mentioned in the Rigveda and in ancient Puranas. Aditi […]

Diti, Mother of Daityas (Rakshasas, Asuras, demons)

Diti is the consort of Rishi Kashyapa, and she was the mother of the Marutas, divine attendants of Lord Indra, and the Daityas. Diti is the daughter of Lord Daksha Bhagavan and Panchajani. Aditi is her sister, and her sons were Hiranyakasipu and Hiranyaksha, who were killed by Lord Vishnu, and her daughter Holika was […]

Child Deities in Hinduism

Child deities would be easily attached into the hearts of the people, since their looks and styles would please our souls. In some pictures of Lord Shiva, we can see his child form. Lord Shiva is worshipped as Bala Brahmeswara Swamy in Alampur, Telangana, and he appears in child form, and lot of devotees would […]

Vasuki | Serpent God, brother of Mata Manasa Devi

Vasuki is considered as the king of serpent as per Hinduism and Buddhism texts. He contains the divine gem on his head, and the divine gem gives more attractiveness to his body. Vasuki is the brother of Mata Manasa Devi, a famous snake goddess, mostly worshipped by the North Indian people, and in Tamil Nadu, […]

Jaya, Vijaya | Gatekeepers of Vaikunta

As per ancient puranas, Jaya and Vijaya are the two divine gatekeepers of Vaikunta, the divine abode of Lord Vishnu. Due to the curse, they were born in the earth as enemies of Lord Vishnu, and killed by their master Vishnu, and finally reached their place and serving the Lord again in the Vaikunta as […]

Hindu Demigods

DemiGods are created for a specific purpose such as undertaking certain tasks, and also doing goodness to the humans. Among the demigods, Lord Indra is considered as the chief. He is giving various instructions to the other demigods, and they are doing it properly. He is also controlling the 33 crores of devas, and helps […]

Bhadra | Mata Bhadra | Goddess of the Hunt

Goddess Bhadra is considered as the goddess of the hunt. She got married with Lord Kubera and become his queen. Her children are Nalakuvara and Manibhadra. She is also the daughter of Lord Suryadev and Goddess Chaya Mata and the sister of Shani Bhagwan. It is believed that Mata Bhadra had consumed the Blue Halahala […]

Svaha | Swaha | Wife of Agnideva | Goddess of Yagna

“Svaha” is the goddess of giving the benefits to the doers of ritual sacrifices through fire. She only passes the sacred mantras of the gods to the respective divine gods in the heaven. She is the wife of Lord Agni Dev. She is mentioned in Rigveda and also in ancient Hindu texts. For conducting fire […]

Vaastu Bhagawan | God of Structures in Hinduism

The God of structures, popularly known as – Vaastu Bhagawan, provides safety, protection, peacefulness, happiness and prosperity to devotees, if the Vaastu principles are properly followed by the devotees in their building, and if the Vaastu Bhagawan is worshipped properly. He contains the features of the Trimurtis and the Tridevis and contains great super natural […]