Vaastu Bhagawan | God of Structures in Hinduism

Vastu Bhagwan

Vastu Bhagwan

The God of structures, popularly known as – Vaastu Bhagawan, provides safety, protection, peacefulness, happiness and prosperity to devotees, if the Vaastu principles are properly followed by the devotees in their building, and if the Vaastu Bhagawan is worshipped properly. He contains the features of the Trimurtis and the Tridevis and contains great super natural power.

Vaastu Bhagawan is also the god of directions. Even though for each direction, a specific god is assigned for carrying out their duties, Vasstu Bhagawan look after the task of carrying out his duties in all the directions, with the support of the other gods.

Before constructing a building, for commercial or residential purpose, the Vaastu principles must be properly followed, and we should pray to the Vaastu bhagawan with full of devotion in our mind by chanting the mantra “OM SREE VAASTU BHAGAWANE NAMAHA”.

The Vaastu Purush Mandala is a specific type of mandala used in Vaastu Shastra. The Vaastu Purush is the main deity of any site. Usually he is depicted as lying on it with the head in the North-East and the legs in the South-West but he keeps changing his position throughout the year.


By worshipping the god Vaastu Bhagawan, we will get the following benefits in our life:

1. We will get a good residential place and we can live peacefully in that place.

2. There will not be any thefts in our living place.

3. Our neighbours will move with us in a friendly manner.

4. If we let out a portion of our residential area, there will not be any problem from our tenant, and they will give their rent properly in time to us.

5. Our health and wealth position will also improve.

6. We will get peacefulness in our mind.

7. Our house will be protected by Lord Vasstu Bhagawan for ever.

8. Apart from Vaastu Bhagawan, since all other divine gods resides in our home, they will give all sorts of prosperity in our life.

9. Unnecessary tensions and confusions in our mind will be permanently erased by the grace of Lord Vaastu Bhagawan.

Hence by taking the above factors into consideration, let us worship the great god, VaastuBhagawan and be blessed.


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