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Nookambika Devi

Nookambika Devi

Mata Nookambika is a famous village deity who is having her popular shrine in Anakapalle at Andhra Pradesh.

The main deity of the temple is Mata Nookambika. Sri Appalaraju, a great Shakti devotee built the temple for Mata Nookambika approximately before 450+ years. During Ugadi, thousands of devotees throughout Andhra Pradesh would visit the temple for offering their worship to the divine mother.

Amavasya day is famous for worshipping Mata Nookambika. Sri Nookambika Devi is the incarnation of Mata Durga Devi, and the temple was renovated by various kings, and offered their worship to the holy goddess. Daily pujas and Abhishekhams are performed to the divine mother. After the invasion of Mughal kings, for some time, puja was not properly performed at this temple.

But after the defeat of the Mughal rule, and during the period of Hindu Kings, the temple had again attained its glory and got spiritual significance, and puja was also properly performed by the kings. Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday are considered as auspicious days for performing puja and Abhishekham to Mata Nookambika Devi.

Sri Nookambika Ammavari temple is being run by the Endowments Department since 1935. Daily in the noon, free food is offered to the devotees by the temple management.Devotees can donate a sum of Rs.1116 – Rs.100000 and above, in order to participate in the Nitya Annadanam scheme. It is believed that those who worship Mata Nookambika at this temple, would be relieved from their sins, and would get all kinds of prosperity in their life.

Let us once visit this holy temple at Andhra Pradesh and be blessed.


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