Practice makes a Man Perfect

Practice makes a man perfect in his life. It may of learning good things in our life like getting up early in the morning, cheerfully saying good morning to our parents, brothers and sisters, worshipping the sun god from the terrace, doing our regular morning chores, and performing puja to the deities in our puja room, having our breakfast, then leaving to our school/college/office etc. Then after returning from our office, we have to greet our parents and our siblings by saying good evening, relaxing ourselves for some time by watching TV and having a cup of coffee/tea, finishing our dinner quickly and then we must have to necessarily worship the almighty before going to the bed.

If we systematically follow all these type of things routinely in our life, then our life would also go on smoothly. Some slight change in our daily schedule would not affect us, but we have to follow a scheduled time table regularly in order to discharge our duties in a proper manner.

Lord Rama during the Tretayuga, had made the regular practice of worshipping Lord Shiva in the form of Shiva Lingam. Similarly god dwells in the souls of the great Narada, Tumburu, Dhruva and Prahalada, due to their sincere, regular and constant bhakti on the almighty.

Every Sunday, we must have to compulsorily adopt the practice of visiting to the nearby temples, and worship the almighty, similar to the holy Christians. Each and every Christian would compulsorily visit churches and would attend the prayer meetings and they also would hear the divine messages given by the Christian priest. But since in our religion there is no compulsion in visiting the temples, we are not having the interest to visit and worship the deities in the temples.

We are able to breath and able to live in this world, only due to the grace of the almighty. Worshipping the god is more than that of doing our duty. We must have to necessarily discharge our duties like studying properly and working in the offices in order to earn for our livelihood, but at the same time, if we have sufficient time to attend our offices, then there would be sufficient time for worshipping the god also.

Due to the grace of the god only, we are able to work, getting the salary and with that we are living our life comfortably. Hence we must have to adopt the regular practice of worshipping the god, thanking him for the favours received, and let us keep him permanently in our soul.


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  1. Sreenivasa, NG Rao says:

    Nature provides in plenty to all whereas in turn what is it we are doing? We are only polluting and things in nature? Are we human beings with brain/knowledge of things or ???????. Forget visiting place of worship, temple, church etc., but at least refrain from destroying nature. That is the highest service one renders to Almighty and provider of everything without our asking . Teach this in schools to children from child-hood as to how and in what manner one should take care of nature, benefits they derive etc