Sant Krittibas Ojha | Author of ‘Krittivasi Ramayan’

Sant Krittibas Ojha (1381–1461) was a famous Bengali poet. His translated Ramayana in Bengali, which is known as Krittivasi Ramayan.

Krittibas Ojha was born in a holy Brahmin family at a village in the present day West Bengal. Though his father was an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva, Krittibas, was an ardent devotee of Lord Rama, and he used to regularly chant the Rama Mantra, “JAI SRIRAM” throughout in his life.

After finishing his studies, he translated the Valmiki Ramayana into Bengali, and also wrote poems in praise of Rama, and sung in the temples. He went to holy pilgrimages, and worshipped the divine deities. Due to his sincere bhakti on Lord Rama, it is believed that once he had the divine vision of Lord Hanuman, an ardent devotee of Lord Rama.


1. Consider Lord Rama as your best friend and share your sorrows and happiness with him.

2. Among all other mantras, Rama Mantra is very simple to recite and also it is very powerful. By chanting the Rama Mantra, we can easily attain Salvation.

3. If you are a sincere devotee of Lord Rama, he will tear your fear, and make you to easily breathe in this world.

4. In the Treta Yuga, even the birds and animals had attained Salvation by chanting the Rama Mantra.

5. Preach about the greatness of Lord Rama, and visit his divine shrines.

6. Even Lord Shiva is chanting the Rama Mantra and praising about the glories of Lord Rama.

7. Whenever and wherever you chant Rama Mantra, Lord Hanuman’s presence will be there, and he would get very much delighted on hearing the Rama Mantra, and dance with full of joy.

8. Put your burdens on to the Lotus feet of Lord Rama.

9. The name and fame of Lord Rama would never diminish in this world.

Let us worship the great saint-poet and be blessed.


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