MERGE4 Ganesh Socks removed, CEO apologized to Hindus worldwide

Sock company MERGE4 based out of Santa Cruz (California) has removed the Ganesh socks from their website and apologized for hurting sentiments of Millions of Hindus worldwide. Hindupad has received a letter of apology regarding this, today from Cindi Busenhart, MERGE4 Founder and CEO.

The email reads..

MERGE4 would like to issue the following statement in response to Rajan Zed’s press release:

“We offer our sincere apologies to the Hindu community. We have removed the Ganesh socks from our website and plan to discontinue the design. Our production of these socks came from a place of cultural appreciation, not appropriation. We were inspired by Ganesh’s symbolism of prosperity and protection against adversity, and it was not our intention to trivialize the Hindu faith in any way. Had Mr. Zed taken an alternative approach such as reaching out to us first, rather than posting a worldwide press release, he would have achieved the same result. MERGE4 will continue to respect all cultures in our artistic expressions, keeping in mind their sensitivities.”

Cindi Busenhart, MERGE4 Founder and CEO.

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