Jhulelal | Sant Jhulelal Ji

Jhulelal (10th century) is worshipped as Kula Deva, and as the Ishta Deva by Sindhi Hindus, and also he is believed to be an incarnation of Lord Varuna, the god of oceans. They will used tofrequently chant the mantra: “JhuleLalMaharaj Ki Jai”in order to show their great respect and honour to him. His birth name […]

Harsu Brahma Jayanti 2020 | Harsu Brahma Tithi

Harsu Brahma Jayanti is the birth anniversary of Harsu Brahmaji. In 2020, Harsu Brahma Jayanti date is February 3. Harsu Brahma Pandey was a Kanyakubja priest in the kingdom of Raja Saliwahan who had lost his life while in a protest against the Raja for demolition of his house at the instigation of Raja’s queen. […]

Muchukunda Rishi

Muchukunda, was the son of King Mandhata, and he was born in the Ikshvaku dynasty, also known as Suryavamsha. The important kings of this dynasty were Harishchandra, Dileepa, Raghu and Sri Rama. Once King Muchukunda helped the demigods, and fought against the demons for a long period of time.And finally, he was succeeded in the […]

Astika Rishi | Son of Manasa Devi & Jaratkaru

Astika was an ancient rishi, and he was a son of Rishi Jaratkaru and the serpent goddess Mata Manasa Devi, who is also a sister of the great serpent king Vasuki. He also saved the life of the serpant king Takshaka, when king Janamejaya performed a snake sacrifice, to avenge for the death of his […]

Agnivesha Rishi | Author of Agnivesha Samhita

Agnivesha was an ancient Vedic rishi and a famous author on Ayurveda. He was the disciple of Punarvasu Atreya. He has written Agnivesha Samhita, based on his guru’s teachings. But after some time, most of the scripts written by him in palm leaves were lost and only a few chapters were available. It is very […]

Story of Chyavana Muni, Sukanya

Story of Chyavana Muni, Sukanya is mentioned in several Puranas.. The story of Chyavana Muni and Sukanya goes like this.. Vaivaswata Manu’s another son Saryati gave birth to Sukanya. The latter when she came of age visited a forest once along with her companions and playfully prierced into a bush while amused about what she […]

Rishyasringa | Sage Rishyashringa

Rishyasringa was a boy born with the horns of a deer and his father was the Vibhandak Rishi, and his mother was Urvashi, a celestial woman. According to legend, his father Vibhandak Rishi was attracted with Urvasi, who was sent by Lord Indra in order to disturb his penance. And after having an affair with […]

Jalaram Bapa

Jalaram Bapa (1799-1881) also known as Bapa was a Gujarati Saint, and a great Ram devotee. LIFE Jalaram Bapa was born in Virpur, Rajkot district, Gujarat, in the year 1799. Jalaram Bapa was initially looked after his father’s business. At his younger age, he got married with a pious and a good-natured girl Virbai. After […]

Bayajabai | Bayajabai Kote Patil

Bayajabai also called fondly as Bayaja Maa became a resident of Shirdi after she married Sree Ganapath Patil. She was a sincere and a dutiful wife and she also provided food to all the guests and other living creatures like dogs, cats and birds, especially to crows. She only first saw “SAI BABA” when he […]

Appanacharya | Disciple of Raghavendra Swamy

Appanacharya was a direct disciple of Guru Raghavendra Swamigal. He was born in Bichali village in the Raichur district of Karnataka. Bichali is situated on the banks of Tungabhadra river. Bichali is also known as Bhikshalaya. Appanacharya studied vedas and other devotional scriptures at his younger age itself, and had got the opportunity of serving […]

Trishanku (King Trishanku & Vishwamitra)

King Trishanku is one the famous Kings mentioned in Puranas and other Hindu Scriptures. Most of the times, Trishanku is connected with the story of Trishanku Swarga. From Dridashva was descended a king named Trayaruni. Trayaruni was a righteous king and followed all the religious dictates. But Trayarun’s son Satyavrata was quite the opposite and […]

Tirumular (Sundaranathar) | Nayanmar & Siddhar

Tirumular was a Tamil Saint, and considered as one of the sixty-three Nayanmars and also one of the 18 Siddhars. Sundaranathar was his original name. And he belonged to Madurai in Tamil Nadu. According to the views of great scholars, he is believed to have taken birth during 8th century AD. And his main work, […]

Purandaradasa’s dedication towards God

Wealth that has come to one’s hands must be rededicated for service to God Himself even as water from a reservoir absorbed by the cloud is returned to the same source. The process of developing detachment is however very difficult. Purandaradasa, an eclectic mystic of the 15th century, discarded his entire fortune at the age […]

Yagnavalkya Jayanthi 2019 (Yajnavalka jayanti)

Yagnavalkya Jayanti (Yajnavalkya Jayanti) is observed with utmost fervor by some communities in India. It is observed on Shukla Paksha Dasami in Kartik month by some communities. In 2019, Yagnavalkya Jayanti date is November 7. Some other communities observe Yagnavalksya Jayanti on Shukla Paksha Panchami in Falgun Month. Yagnavalkya (Yajnavalkya) was one of the great sages […]

Parashara Maharshi

Parashara was a Maharshi and the author of many ancient sacred Hindu texts. He was the author of Vishnu Purana. His grandfather was Vashishta, father was Sakti Maharishi, and his son was Vyasa. Parashara while travelling on the banks of river Yamuna was attracted by the beauty of fisherman’s daughter, Satyavathi, and he united with […]

Valmiki Maharshi

Sage Valmiki is celebrated as the author of the great Hindu epic Ramayana. He was born during Treta Yuga. Ramayana, contained the details of various incidents occurred during the life of Lord Rama. The Ramayana tells the story of Rama, king of Ayodhya, about his birth, marriage life, life in forest, fight with Ravana and […]

Ashtavakra, Author of Ashtavakra Gita

Ashtavakra is an ancient sage in Hinduism. He was born as a physically handicapped person.He was mentioned and regarded as a popular sage in the epics and Puranas. His grandfather was the great sage “ARUNI”. And Sage Aruni was a great scholar, and also a teaching professional of vedas and other ancient texts. Ashtavakra was […]

Chyavana (Rishi Chyavana), Creator of Chyawanprash

Chyavana was an ancient rishi in Hinduism. He was the son of Rishi Bhrigu, and it is believed that he was the creator of the Ayurdedic medicine known as chyawanprash, through the guidance of Ashwin Kumaras. He was a powerful rishi and contains sufficient powers enough to oppose Lord Indra, and helped the Ashvin kumaras […]

Jamadagni (Rishi Jamadagni), Father of Parashurama

Jamadagni is one of the Saptarishis, and he is the father of Lord Parashurama, the avatar of Lord Vishnu. Jamadagni had five children and his wife was Mata Renuka Devi, and after her death, she is worshipped as an incarnation of Goddess Parvati, in various names and in various temples, like Yellamma in Karnataka, Manchalamma […]

Upamanyu (Maharshi Upamanyu)

The life of the great Sage Upamanyu was told by Vaayudeva in Shiva Maha Purana. Upamanyu was a devotee of Lord Shiva and made severe penance and obtained Ksheera Ramalingeswara in his childhood. Upamanyu is the son of Ugradanta and was very poor and instead of giving him milk,his mother used to give the child, […]