Devraha Baba | Ageless Yogi who lived for 250 Years

Devraha Baba (20th century) was a spiritual saint who lived in the banks of the Holy River Yamuna in Mathura. It is believed that he lived for 250 years. Similar to Shirdi Baba, the details about his younger age was unknown. He came to Dewar in Deoria district, Uttar Pradesh, and hence the local villagers […]

Sant Vani | Important Teachings of Hindu Saints


In our country, due to the grace of the god, lot of saints were lived and still living. They taught us the ways of living a noble life, and the do’s and don’ts in our life. We must follow their teachings in our life, in order to live a sin free and a blessed life. […]

Sant Premanand

Sant Premanand was a Gujarati saint, and a devotee of Lord Krishna. He belonged to Brahmin community and used to play drums during the puja at the Krishna Temples of Gujarat. He also used to narrate the stories of the gods, goddesses and the great saints using his musical instruments, and he would compose nice […]

Swami Paramananda Saraswati

Swamiji was born in the year 1907, in the town of Nagapattinam, Tamil Nadu to a Brahmin couple, and his birth name was Jayaraman. After getting educated at his hometown, he served as a teacher in a school, and then he went to Chennai and got an employment in the Central Government. He was an […]

Swami Nirmalananda

Swami Nirmalananda (1863-1938), was born in a wealthy family in a City at Kolkata in the year 1863. Due to his mother’s death at his childhood, his family was shifted to Varanasi, and Swami Vijnanananda was his classmate friend, who was also one of the disciples of Sri Ramakrishna. He was an intelligent student, and […]

Visoba Khechara | Yogi Guru of Sant Namdev

Visoba Khechara (13th century AD) was the guru of the great saint Sri Namdev of Maharashtra, and he was a disciple of the Sant Dnyaneshwar, who was an AMSA of Lord Vishnu. He followed the Varkari as well as the Nath tradition of Maharashtra. He preached the importance of worshipping Lord Vithoba, a form of […]

Narada Jayanthi 2020 | Devarshi Narad Jayanti

Narada Jayanthi is the birth anniversary of Sage Narada who is known as Brahma Manasa Putra. In 2020, Narada Jayanti date is May 8. It is observed on Vaishakha bahula Pratipada in South Indian calendars and Krishna Paksha Pratipada in Jyeshta month in North Indian Hindi calendars. Narada Muni is one of the prominent sages […]

Rishi Panini

Rishi Panini (600 BC) was a great rishi and was well-versed in Sanskrit language, and wrote many devotional books. He was mentioned in ancient texts, and considered as a great scholar, and contains high spiritual energy. He was named as the father of Sanskrit Language, since he had contributed a lot in developing the language. […]

Bhakta Siriyala | great devotee of Lord Shiva

Few thousands of years ago, there lived an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva in a village in South India, and his name was Siriyala. From his younger age itself, he used to perform puja in the Shiva temples, and would observe fasting during Shivaratri, and also studied well. At his teenage he got married with […]

Rishi Nagarjuna | Indian metallurgist, alchemist

Rishi Nagarjuna (100 AD) was born in a village in Madhya Pradesh. He has made detailed research in the field of chemistry and made lot of inventions and discovered new things. He also wrote lot of medical books like ‘Arogyamanjari’ and ‘Yogasar’, and cured the diseases of the people. He was appointed as the chief […]

Yogin Ma | Main Disciple of Sri Sarada Devi

Yogin Ma (Yogindra Mohini Biswas) was the main disciple of the holy mother Sri Sarada Devi. She and her close associate Golap Ma were served in a remarkable manner to Mata Sarada Devi and also were the spiritual successors of Sarada Devi. Yogin Ma resided with the holy mother in Kolkata, and took keen interest […]

Purandara Dasa | Poet Saint famour for his Keerthanas

Purandara Dasa (1484-1564) was a devotee of Lord Vishnu, and a poet and saint. He was the disciple of the great saint Sree Vyasatirtha, and along with Kanakadasa he has written many bhakti songs on Lord Hari. Vyasa Tirtha has praised him for his great efficiency in writing and singing songs in praise of Lord […]

Rishis & Rishi Pathnis | Sages & Wives of Sages in Hinduism

Rishis also called as sages are the holy creations of Lord Brahma. They are considered as the powerful sons of Lord Brahma. They are the special creations born in this earth, in order to introduce the Vedas, Holy texts, Shastras, Yagnas and other rituals for the well-being of the people in the earth. Rishis performed […]

Thiruvalluvar | Tamil Poet, Philosopher

Thiruvalluvar, commonly known as Valluvar, was a popular Tamil poet. He is best known for writing the great text Thirukkuṛaḷ. LIFE He is believed to have lived in Madurai, and later in the town of Mylapore, and it is believed that he would have lived during 4th century BC. He is believed to have been […]

Gangasati | Saint Poet of Gujarat, devotee of Sri Krishna

Gangasati (14th century AD) was a female saint and a great poet who composed lot of devotional songs and sung in praise of Lord Krishna. According to legend, she was born in a pious Rajput family in a village at Gujarat. She got married to a noble person and lived her life in the present-day […]

Koundinya Rishi | Originator of Koundinya Gothra

Brahmins who have Koundinya Gothra are considered as descendants of Koundinya Maharishi. And people belonging to Koundinya Gothra are found in North as well as in South India, and are living all over the world. Ancient Brahmin kings who contain Koundinya gothra ruled in major parts of India. Rishi Koundinya is mentioned in various Puranas […]

Vinoba Bhave | Founder of Bhoodan Movement

Vinoba Bhave (1895–1982) was born in a small village in Maharashtra, in a weaver’s family, and he was a human rights activist and a social reformer. He is called as Acharya for his wide knowledge in all the subjects. He has translated the Bhagavat Gita into Marathi language and named it as Geetai. Bhave was […]

Manjula, ardent devotee of Guruvayurappa

Manjula was a noble girl who lived in a village near Guruvayur, Kerala. She got the habit of daily submitting beautiful flower garlands to the Lord in the Guruvayur temple at night. One day night, when she arrived near the temple with her garlands, she found that the temple was closed. She was very much […]

Tukaram Beej 2020 date | Sant Tukaram Punyatithi

Sant Tukaram

Tukaram Beej is the day when it is believed that Sant Tukaram bodily ascended to Vaikunth, the heavenly abode of Lord Vishnu. In 2020, Tukaram Beej date is March 11. It is a big festival in Maharashtra. Sant Tukaram was born at Dehu near Pune in 1608 and left to Vaikunth in 1650. Throughout his […]