Swami Kripalvananda

Kripalvananda (1913–1981), who was fondly called by his devotees as Bapuji, was a yoga master and spiritual guru. Kripalvananda was born in the year 1913 in Dabhoi, Gujarat.

He worked as a music teacher in Ahmedabad and used to teach the operating of the musical instruments to the students.

After he was trained under the spiritual guru Pranavandji, he left his worldly desires, and travelled throughout India, and visited many holy temples,and he has become a spiritual preacher and writer. Through the guidance of his guru he has become a famous Kundalini yoga master, and he released the Kundalini Shakti from the body of his disciples, and made them to attain the spiritual feeling in their body and mind.

Kripalvananda had several disciples, and he properly guided them, and they have become big scholars and yoga gurus.

Kripalvananda went to the United States, along with his disciples, and established a Yoga Ashram. He died in the year 1981, and his shrine is situated in Malav, Gujarat.

After his death, his disciple, Rajarshi Muni continues working in the Ashram at United States, and later he founded a Yoga University in Gujarat which teaches the yoga principles and practices and awards degrees and certificates in yoga to the students.

Let us worship the Yoga Guru and be blessed.

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