Ramanand Swami | Founder of Uddav Sampraday

Ramanand Swami

Ramanand Swami

Ramanand Swami (1738-1802) was born in a Brahmin family in Ayodhya. His birth name was Rama Sharma. He was considered to be an avatar of Uddhava, a best friend of Lord Krishna.  Ramanand was the founder and the chief of the Uddhav Sampraday.

Ramanand Swami adopted the Vishishta dvaita philosophy which was established by Ramanuja during the 11th century AD. Once Ramanand Swami got the divine darshan of Saint Ramanuja in his dream and was blessed by him. His main disciples were Sri Swaminarayan and Sri Muktanand Swami. He travelled to many holy places and spread the philosophy of Ramanuja and cultivated the bhakti spirit among others. He also visited dwaraka, puri and vrindavan and worshipped Lord Krishna, and got great spiritual powers.


1.Have bhakti on Lord Krishna and worship him by chanting his various names.

2.Visit the holy places of Lord Krishna: Puri, Vrindavan and Dwaraka.

3.Your mind can be controlled only by having constant meditation on god.

4.Read the hindu scriptures, Bhagavatham and Bhagavat Gita. It will teach the peaceful way of living.

5.God’s blessings alone will change a person’s fate. With his help, we can achieve anything in our life.

6.Respect everybody in this world. Don’t cause harm even to tiny insects in the world.

7.Take care of your parents, and give your extended support during their old age, without taking care of parents, god’s worship will not at all work.

8.Realize the god within yourself, and also visit the temples, to get more divine experience, and you can see his smiling face, and can get eternal bliss for ever.

9.Apart from worshipping god, give respect to the great saints and worship them regularly, they will fulfil your wishes through the help of the god.


Being the avatar of Uddhava, he will help us by reducing our sins, and show the spiritual path, and come with us in our every walk of life. Being the guru of Sri Swaminarayan, he will heal us and gives a good health and a strong mind. He will give courage, boldness, wisdom and fulfil our necessities, based on our pure devotion on him. He also relieved the people from various diseases and given various lectures to attain enlightenment. Through his lectures, lot of people were got attracted and become his devotees. He was praised by several kings and by the common man for his kindness and holiness.

Let us worship the great saint and be blessed.


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