Dasia Bauri | Puri Jagannath’s Ardent devotee

In order to become a saint, we must move in a humble manner with others. Along with that, we have to do meditation, yoga and fasting also. In order to realize the almighty, we have to compulsorily surrender at his feet, and must have pure bhakti on him. God is showering his grace to all of his devotees, irrespective of their caste, creed and community, and he never differentiates his devotees as rich or poor.

Few hundred years ago, in a village in Puri, a pious person with the name Dasia Bauri was lived. He was a weaver by profession, and he earned for his livelihood, by weaving the clothes for the village people. During festivals like Krishna Jayanti, when holy songs on Lord Jagannath was sung and when the Puranas was recited in the streets, the noble Dasia used to hear all those divine matters, and would keep it in his mind. Soon he began to consider happiness and sufferings as alike, and lived a holy life.

In course of time, he got good knowledge in Bhagavata Purana, and also learned music through his self-interest, and during the time of RathaYatra Festival at Puri, he went to Jagannath Temple Puri, and began to pray to Lord Jagannath and asked him to grant salvation to him. He realised that Lord Jagannath is the permanent one, and all other material things are temporary only.

After some time, he returned to his home, and when his wife was offered food to him, to his surprise, in the cooked rice, he saw the face of Lord Jagannath, and he began to shout and dance with full of happiness in his mind. His wife also came to know about the reason behind his happiness and she also joined with him, and both of them began to sing songs on Lord Jagannath, and chant his holy names.

In course of time, his name and fame had spread in the entire village, and people began to praise him for his utmost devotion on the almighty. Dasia Bauri also relieved the diseases of the villagers, and also removed their sufferings and brought happiness in their lives.

Bauri lived a very simple life by doing his weaving profession and lead a peaceful life along with his wife, and after their death, both of them were reached the abode of the almighty.


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