Sant Manohar Das

Sant Manohar Das was born in Sahapur village at Odisha. From his young age itself, he was a staunch devotee of Lord Jagannath of Puri. After reaching his teenage, he got married. He was a generous person, and due to that, he used to give food as donation to the poor, and he has been doing this noble service for years together. Due to that, in course of time, he began to lose all of his wealth, and one day, he has become very poor. Even at that time also, he used to gather grains from his paddy fields, and would ask his wife to cook those grains, and offer simple food to the poor guests at his home.

In course of time, due to severe poverty, he began to sell all of his farm lands to the rich landlords, and worked as a labourer in their fields. His wife was a pious and a noble woman, who never scolded her husband, but used to console him like his affectionate mother. She acted as a dutiful wife, and once she gave her Mangal Sutra to her husband, in order to buy some food grains for feeding the poor guests.

Sant Manohar Das began to take the holy thing to a local pawn broker and since at that time, there was a heavy rain, and hence, without visiting the pawn broker, he returned home with the Mangal Sutra. When he entered his home, he could not believe his eyes. His pious wife was wearing lot of ornaments on her body, and preparing delicious food items for him. When he enquired about the details, she replied, that two young boys, addressing their names as Krishna and Balaram were entered into the home, and they have brought all the golden ornaments and food items for them. When she was asked about their whereabouts, they asked her to consider them as her own children, and due to the sincere devotion of the couples, they have appeared in front of her, and after telling all these things to her, they have disappeared from that place.

Manohar Das was very much astonished and both of them were very happy, and after some time, they went to Puri, and worshipped Lord Jagannath in the Temple, by offering holy lotus flowers, and other Prasad items, and settled down in that place itself. Soon he began to write wonderful songs on Jagannath of Puri, and used to sing inside the Jagannath Temple.With regard to his selfless devotion on Jagannath, he can be compared similar to Sant Salabega, who was a staunch devotee of Lord Jagannath.

It is believed, that after death, they have attained the lotus feet of Lord Jagannath, and enjoying the Eternal bliss forever.


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