Abhimanyu Samantasinhara

Abhimanyu Samantasinhara (1760–1806) was a famous Odia poet, and he was born in a village at Jajpur. He has written many devotional songs, and wrote poems about Radha-Krishna love, and he was a staunch devotee of Lord Krishna.It is believed that Abhimanyu was born due to the grace of Lord Krishna, and he had started writing devotional poems at his young age itself.


1. Bidagdha Chintamani

2. Prema Kala

3. Rasabati

4. Sulakhyana

5. PremaTarangini

6. Bagha Gita

7. Chadhei Gita

8. Bole Hun

9. Prema Chintamani

Among his various works, Bidagdha Chintamani is considered as an important work, and Abhimanyu had died in the year 1806, and attained salvation.

Some of the excerpts from his poems are as follows:-

1. Oh! The great Krishna! Let me never forget you!

2. Let me have the only desire to worship the Holy god Krishna!

3. May Mata Radha and Lord Krishna destroy the evils from me, and make me pure and perfect in my life.

4. May the great Lord Krishna, give solutions for the sufferers in the world.

5. We must take refuge in Krishna.

6. Let us earn the grace of Lord Krishna, through our sincere devotion on him.

7. Love Krishna! Think Krishna! Pray Krishna!

8. Put your burdens on Lord Krishna!

9. Let Lord Krishna give lot of happiness in our life.


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