Chamarasa | Virashaiva Poet, Author of ‘Prabhulinga Leele’

Chamarasa (15th century AD) was a Virashaiva poet, an expert in Kannada language, and he was highly recognized by the Vijayanagara kings, for his mastery in penning devotional poems on Lord Shiva. He lived during the period of the great Kannada poet Kumara Vyasa. He was also a sincere devotee of the great Virashaivite saint Sri Basavanna, who lived during the 12th century AD, and he was considered as an incarnation of Lord Nandi Bhagavan.

His famous work, “Prabhulinga Leele”, was written by him in the year 1430 AD. And in that holy text, he has mentioned the greatness of Sri Allama Prabhu, a Veerashaiva Saint, and an incarnation of Lord Shiva.

Chamarasa was highly patronized by the Vijayanagara King Deva Raya II. Chamarasa was an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva, and his devotion with Shiva cannot be explained in words. His each and every cell praised the glory of Lord Shiva, and he used to sing devotional songs on Lord Shiva in the Shiva Temples. His Prabhulinga Leele was translated into several Indian languages.

Some of the verses from his divine poems are as follows:-

1. Oh! The great Lord Shiva, you are the supreme personality, and you are only creating, protecting and destroying this earth, by taking the forms of Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara! Your powers are unlimited and unimaginable!

2. Without your grace, we cannot even lift a small dust particle in our hands.

3. Those who praise and sing your glories, becomes your beloved devotees, and they are attaining salvation, after their death.

4. Just by merely chanting the Shiva Mantra, all of our sins would be burnt into ashes.

5. At this present age of Kaliyuga, if we forget to worship Lord Shiva, we would suffer from various kinds of problems in our life.

6. By applying the sacred ash of Lord Shiva, all of our dreaded diseases would be relieved from our body, and we would get great spiritual pleasure.

7. The greatness of Lord Shiva cannot be described fully even by Lord Nandikeswara.

8. All the demi gods, demons and humans are praising your glories, and they expect your divine blessings.

9. There is no beginning or end for you! Your name and fame would never diminish in this world! You are the wire puller of the entire universe!

Let us praise the great poet and be blessed.


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