Devar Dasimayya | Jedara Daasimayya | Kannada Poet of 11th Century

Devar Dasimayya (11th century AD) was a great Kannada poet and he was born in a village in Karnataka. He was a weaver by profession, and his pen name is Ramanatha, since his beloved deities are Lord Rama and Lord Shiva. From his young age itself, he was very much interested in spirituality, and he used to visit Shiva temples in his village.

In praise of his bhakti, once Lord Shiva had appeared and blessed him, and also asked him to keep bhakti on him.Similar to the saints in Karnataka, he also asked the people to lead a noble life, and insisted them to eat only vegetarian food, and he propagated Shiva Bhakti in the minds of the people. He has written lot of poems in praise of Lord Shiva, and sung it in the Shiva temples.

Dasimayya married a pious and chaste woman, and he preached the importance of Shaivism to the then kings of Karnataka.


1. Keep chanting the names of Lord Shiva as much as you can throughout your life.

2. Build a temple for Lord Shiva in your soul, and worship him.

3. Preach the greatness of Lord Shiva amongst the people, and invoke them in the spiritual path.

4. Let your entire body organs chant the glories of Lord Shiva, and let your blood become purified by chanting the Shivanama.

5. The significance of Lord Shiva cannot be fully explained by his divine attendant Lord Nandikeswara itself.

6. We can get the grace of Lord Shiva only through constant prayers and meditation.

7. The entire universe is functioning only through the powers of Lord Shiva.

8. Always apply the sacred ash and the holy Rudraksha on your body.

9. Control your senses and live a disciplined and a pious life.


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