Onam pookkalam makes the life ahead colorful

Athapookalam Onam Pookalam Competition Design

One of the major attractions that make Onam unique is the flower carpet (Pookkalam) laid before the front courtyards of Malayalee houses. These are intricate designs which make every house vibrant and colourful. Various flowers are used each day as specific flowers are dedicated to each day of Onam. Among these ‘Thumba Poo’ gains its […]

Onam Pookalam is a floral carpet to welcome Mahabali

Making Pookkalam is a tradition followed by people of Kerala, during the ten days of the festival. This is done to welcome their benevolent legendary king – Mahabali, as he visits Kerala every year on Onam, to enquire about their wellbeing. Read on to know more about Onam Pookkalam. What Is Pookkalam? In Malayalam, the […]

Onam is a festival of joy

Onam festival is celebrated with great splendor and joy in Kerala state, which is located in the southernmost state of India. This festival is celebrated to commemorate the return of Bali to earth from Patala. King Bali was the man of his word, and he gave up all the land that he had conquered. He […]

Mahabali been granted a boon by Vishnu

Bali vamana story

King Bali after he was pushed down in Patala (which is said to be demon’s colony) had made a request for the last time. And his request was to allow him to visit Kerala every year to make sure that his people not only happy but also contented and had no dearth of food. Lord […]

When King Mahabali Left Earth?


When King Mahabali Left Earth? What is the story of Mahabali leaving the Earth? By practicing atmanivedanam, mahabali Bali obtained Moksha, as illustrated by old Indian scripts and scriptures. By reading Sri Rūpa Gosvāmīs Bhakti-rasāmrta-sindhu, we get acquaintance that Sri Krishna stated that Mahabali approached Him. From Adhatya Ramayana, we acquire the further information that […]

History of Onam Festival

Story goes that during the reign of mighty asura (demon) king, Mahabali, Kerala witnessed its golden era. Everybody in the state was happy and prosperous and king was highly regarded by his subjects. Apart from all his virtues, Mahabali had one shortcoming. He was egoistic. This weakness in Mahabali’s character was utilized by Gods to […]

Onasadya: Grand feast of Onam

Onam is the state festival of Kerala. It is celebrated with great enthusiasm and zest by the Malayalees all over the world. While Thiruvonam (the tenth day) is the most important day of the festival, the celebrations at some places continue until chatayam (twelfth day). The festival is marked by elaborate rituals, feast, socializing, games […]

MahaBali’s Battle with Indra & Acquiring Indra’s Possessions

Legends indicate that in the first battle between Bali and Indra, Bali was not beheaded and that the Brahmin Sukracarya had used the “ “Mritra sanjeevani” (which can only be used on non-beheaded bodies) to revive him. Also according to texts such as Abhinanda’s Rāmaćarita, Bali was yet to achieve Indra’s throne as a consequence […]

Story of ‘Three Foot Steps’ related to Onam

Bali vamana story

The second and the most popularly quoted legend with the festival are related to the demon king, Mahabali. It is said that Mahabali was a generous and kind hearted king of Kerala. He was powered by a boon granted to him by Lord Brahma, he was invincible and thus gradually won over the entire earth. […]

The Legendry month of Onam: Chingam Masam

Onam is a harvest festival celebrated by all Malayalis irrespective of their religion or caste in the Indian state of Kerala. The festival commemorates the Vamana avatar of Vishnu and the subsequent homecoming of the legendary King Mahabali. It falls during the month of Chingam (August–September) and lasts for ten days starting on Atham and […]

Origin of Onam in god’s own country

Onam festival in Kerala - Pookalam

There is a folk song describing Maveli. It says, Maveli nadu vaneedum kalam, manusyarellarum onnu pole”. It means that when Maveli ruled the kingdom everyone was treated equally. The story is, Bali, the Asura (demon) king ruled his kingdom with the enchanting state of Kerala as his capital. Though he was an asura, he was […]

Onam 2021 | Thiru Onam 2021 date

Athapookalam Onam Pookalam Competition Design

Onam (Thiru Onam) is the biggest festival of Kerala. In 2021, Thiruonam date is August 21. First Onam date is August 20. Onam is a harvest festival celebrated in the Malayalam Chingam Month (August -September). Onam festival represents the grand welcome to the demon king Mahabali. As per the popular belief, King Mahabali visits the […]

Onam 2021 Calendar | Onam Schedule, Ten festivals of Onam in 2021

Onam festival in Kerala - Pookalam

Onam 2021 Calendar, Onam Schedule, Ten festivals of Onam in 2021. Onam is not a celebration of a one day or two days. Onam is a grand gala of 10 festivals. In 2021, Onam festival celebrations begin on August 13 and ends with Thiru Onam on August 21. Onam calendar or schedule consists of 10 […]

Why Shiva Blessed Bali: Story of Lord Shiva’s blessings to Mahabali

While describing the first battle among Bali and Indira, one among many versions indicates that Bali was not beheaded; rather the Brahmin Sukracharya carried out the “Mrita Sanjeevani” for reviving non beheaded bodies. There is a belief in the texts like Abhinanda’s Rāmaćharita that Bali was still to achieve Indra’s throne and consequently he was […]

Patience shown by Great King Mahabali

Bali vamana story

Patience is the maintenance of calmness without getting angry with anyone, even when we face a difficult situation in our life. Patience is the best medicine to come out from our stress and mental tension, especially during the times of unforeseen circumstances. As per legend, Lord Vamana had attended the yagna of Mahabali, grandson of […]

Nature’s bounty comes alive with Onam

Onam is one of the important festivals of Kerala. The ten-day festival that begins with Atham culminates with Thiru Onam. Pookalams, the flower carpets and Onam Sadya, the lavish spread are synonymous with the festival. It’s a festival of opulence. The receding monsoon provides a perfect ambience for celebration. The nature looks bountiful with greenery […]

Onathallu (Avittathallu): display of combat war by Nair communities

The Nair community of Pallassana Desham in the Chittur Thaluk in Palakkad district, Kerala celebrates Onathallu or Avittathallu as part and parcel of Onam festival. It is to be noted that Onathallu or Avittathallu is also celebrated in the rest of the Kerala region. According to the Hindu religious scholars and historians, the Nair communities […]

Major games played during Onam

Here is the list of games played during Onam festival in Kerala.. The following performances are amongst the various rituals, performed on the festive season of Onam by Malayalees every year. Pulikali/Kaduvakali Performance Pulikali is the most fascinating custom of Onam tradition. Onam performers paint themselves yellow with black and red strips on them just […]

How Onam festival is celebrated

Onam is one of the most important festivals for the Keralites across the globe. Traditionally, the day begins at 4 am with family members cleaning the front-yard. In olden days, the cleaning is usually done with cow dung as the houses weren’t cemented then. This custom is followed strictly even today in several families. With […]

KR Puram (Bangalore) – Thiruvananthapuram Onam Special Trains 2015

KR Puram (Bangalore) – Thiruvananthapuram Onam Special Trains 2015.. Thiruvananthapuram-Krishnarajapuram- Thiruvananthapuram Superfast Special (06079/06080) and Thiruvananthapuram-Krishnarajapuram- Thiruvananthapuram Suvidha Superfast Special (00611/00612) will run for one trip in each direction to clear the extra rush during Onam. Thiruvananthapuram-Krishnarajapuram Superfast Special (06079) will depart from Thiruvananthapuram at 7pm on Sunday and will arrive at Krishnarajapuram at 8.30am […]