Uthradam, Ninth day of Onam Festival – 7 September 2022

The ninth day of Onam is known as Uthradam. In order to wholeheartedly welcome King Mahabali, people are in very high spirits on this particular day. In 2022, Uthradam Onam date is September 7.

In some regions of Kerala, Onam kick-start on Uthradam day. In the Nair Tharawad (Nair household), to the Karnavar (eldest member of the family), Onakkazhcha is wholeheartedly given by the farmers and tenants on this day.

It is to be noted that on this day the hard working farmers bring the whole produce of their large and small farm to the Nair Tharawad. The Karnavar in return greets and treats them with sweets. In the interiors of the state, this particular tradition is still followed. This day is also known as Onnam Onam which literally means as first Onam.

The penultimate day of the Onam festival is Utharadam. This particular day is considered as Onam eve so it is celebrated in a grand manner. Uthradapachal means last minute extreme shopping frenzy which happens on this particular day. Normally, all the provisions, fresh vegatable and fruits are brought on this day and it is felt as the most auspicious day.

On evening of Uthradom day, women in each household usually cuts the first set of fruits and vegetables on this day. This marks the preparations for grand Onam- Sadya. The children and youngsters along with the family members are in the thrilled moment for the upcoming Thiruvonam day.
A larger floral carpet is prepared on this day. Onam games preparation kick-starts on Utharadam days. The night never ends on the Utharadam and the Thiruvonam’s early morning happens within few seconds as expected by all the Malayalees.

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