Six to Ten days of Onam festival in Kerala

Athapookalam Onam Pookalam Competition Design

Athapookalam Onam Pookalam Competition Design

On the sixth day, it is Thriketa during which the schools and public offices starts issuing holidays and people starts packing their bags to their native homes to celebrate the festival with their dear ones.

On the seventh day of Onam, it is Moolam a special buffet lunch is organized. Festivities include puli kali (Masked leopard dance) and traditional dance forms like Kaikotti Kali also performed in various functions along with fireworks.

On the eighth day, the small statues of Mahabali and Vamana will be washed and cleaned and will be placed in the center of the pookalam smeared with rice-flour batter. From this day onwards, the statue will be called Onathappan.

On the ninth day, last minute extreme shopping frenzy called as Uthradapachal is done as it is considered to be the most auspicious day for purchase of fresh vegetables and fruits along with other provisions from the Thiruvonam day. It was believed that during this day King Mahabali spend the next four days touring his kingdom and blessing the subjects.

The tenth day of Onam is Thriuvonum, whi is the final day of Onam celebration.  It was believed that during this day King Mahabali was suppressed to underworld by Vamana. This day marks return of Mahabali to his fabled land (Kerala), as per the boon he received from Vamana. The most important activity of Thiruvonam is the grand sumptuous feasts ever prepared by mankind. The feast served on plantain leaves have more than 13 to 15 curries apart from other regular items.

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