Ten Days of Onam Festival

Onam is the state festival of Kerala. It is a ten-day grand carnival. All the Malayalees who are residing in Kerala, different parts of India and even in abroad celebrate this festival with much festivity. The actual celebration starts usually from the first Malayalam month that is Atham nakshatram of Chingam. The festival lasts until the tenth day of Onam which is known as Thiruvonam. In 2012, Onam festivities will begin on August 21 and end on August 29.

In most parts of Kerala, the days following Thiruvonam which is known as Avittam and Chatayam are considered much important during the celebration days. Each and every day is unique and has its own special significance. Several forms of feasting, interesting games, forms of dance form the festivity’s prominent parts.

This colorful and vibrant festival is taken due notice by the Government of India. The state government along with the central government promotes the festival of Onam within the country and at the international platform in a large manner. The government also celebrates in a fun-filled manner “’Tourist Week’ during Onam celebrations.

Thousands of foreign and domestic tourist visit Kerala state in order to be a part and parcel of Onam. The 10 days of Onam festival are first day is known as Attam. The second day is known as Chithira. The third day is known as Chodhi. The fourth day is known as Visakam. The fifth day is known as Anizham. The sixth day is known as Thriketa. The seventh day is known as Moolam. The eighth day is known as Pooradam. The ninth day is known as Uthradam and the tenth day is known as Thiruvonam.

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