Fourth Day of Onam: Visakam, 2 September 2022

Visakam is the fourth day of grand Onam celebration. The Visakam day falls in the month of Chingam according to the Malayalam calendar. In 2022, Visakam Onam date is September 2.

This day is very special because as the number of days pass and the big day which is approaching within a few days. The excitement among the family members grows day by day.

All types of activities in the street and market happen in the brisk pace. People are busy on Visakam, the fourth day of Onam festival in indoor and outdoor activities. Heavy rush can be witnessed on the local streets and market areas specially vegetable and fruits market, flowers market, general stores, provisional stores, stationary shops, gift shops and malls. Most of the wholesale and retail shops offer special rates, offers and discount for Onam sales.

The Kerala government owned departmental stores named Maveli stores is the right place to get all the needed things for Onam celebrations. This particular shop offers special rates and comes up with season sales for this festival. Most of the shops in the local market gives discounts on household items and would display their latest offers.

In the neighborhood, temporary market or camp market of fresh vegetable and fruits are put up in order to tackle the heavy rush in the malls and local market. There are also fair price shops that provide things to the local people during the Onam celebration.

In the household, woman folks are busy in the kitchen with the activities making delicacies such as pickles and special sweets.

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