Onam 2022 Calendar | Onam Schedule, Ten festivals of Onam in 2022

Onam festival in Kerala – Pookalam

Onam festival in Kerala – Pookalam

Onam 2022 Calendar, Onam Schedule, Ten festivals of Onam in 2022.

Onam is not a celebration of a one day or two days. Onam is a grand gala of 10 festivals. In 2022, Onam festival celebrations begin on August 30 and ends with Thiru Onam on September 8.

Onam calendar or schedule consists of 10 festivals celebrated from day one – Atham – till the 10th and final day – Thiru Onam.

First day of Onam – 30 August 2022, Atham festival (Tuesday)

Atham is the first day of grand Onam celebration. The Atham day falls in the month of Chingam according to the Malayalam calendar. In 2022, Atham Onam date is August 30.

On this day, it is largely believed that King Mahabali who ruled once in this region starts his personal preparation to descend to Kerala from heaven. The Thrikkakara Temple is considered by the Hindu religious scholars as the abode of Mahabali. Atam day also marks the start of festivities at this particular temple.

Second day of Onam – 31 August 2022, Chithira (Wednesday)

Chithira is the second day of grand Onam celebration. The Chithira day falls in the month of Chingam according to the Malayalam calendar. In 2022, Chithira Onam date is August 31.

This day has a special and unique significance in the celebrations of Onam. The people take shower in the early morning and visit the nearby or local temples in order to get the blessing of the Almighty. Then on return from temple, they add new and fresh colorful flowers to the floral carpet which was laid on the day of Atham.

Third day Onam – 1 September 2022, Chodhi (Thursday)

This particular day involves several activities that are starting with laying of floral carpets to big shopping. The local and major open market is filled with large number of people. In 2022, Chodhi Onam date is September 1.

They shop for new cloths that are known as Onakkodi. These new dresses will be worn by the family members on the day of Thiruvonam. They also indulge in purchasing gifts, greeting cards, decoration items and necessary things for their loved once.

Fourth day Onam – 2 September 2022, Visakam (Friday)

Visakam is the fourth day of grand Onam celebration. The Visakam day falls in the month of Chingam according to the Malayalam calendar. In 2022, Visakam Onam date is September 2.

This day is very special because as the number of days pass and the big day which is approaching within a few days. The excitement among the family members grows day by day.

Fifth day Onam – 3 September 2022, Anizam (Saturday)

Anizham is the fifth day of grand Onam celebration. The Anizham day falls in the month of Chingam according to the Malayalam calendar. In 2022, Anizham Onam date is September 3.

This day is one of the important days of Onam festival. On this day, Vallamkali is held in a grand manner. Vallamkali means snake boat race. This race is organized on the banks of Pamba River in Pathanamthitta district of Kerala in a village named as Aranmulla.

Sixth day Onam – 4 September 2022, Thriketa (Sunday)

The sixth day of Onam is known as Thriketa. It is to be noted that several cultural programs are well organized by the committees in the villages, towns and cities. In 2022, Thriketa Onam date is September 4.

Malayali does usually take a lot of keen interest in participating in activities and functions of Onam carnivals on this day.

Seventh day Onam – 5 September 2022, Moolam (Monday)

The seventh day of the ten day Onam carnival is known as Moolam. The commercial building and the state building are filled with bright colors and luminaries during this day. In 2022, Moolam Onam date is September 5.

The last-minute Onam shopping busy can be seen in all local markets and malls. Most of these places are overcrowded. In the people’s eye, the spirit of happiness and joy can be witnessed.

Eighth day Onam – 6 September 2022, Pooradam (Tuesday)

The eighth day of Onam is known as Pooradam. This day holds a special significance in the Onam festivity. In 2022, Pooradam Onam date is September 6.

The Athappookalam or floral carpet is largely increased in width. The family members add more special flowers to it. The people highly expect the arrival of Onthappan so they clean their household in order to ensure that the space in the given household is very hygienic.

Ninth day of Onam – 7 September 2022, Uthradam (Wednesday) – First Onam

The ninth day of Onam is known as Uthradam. In order to wholeheartedly welcome King Mahabali, people are in very high spirits on this particular day. In 2022, Uthradam Onam date is September 7.

In some regions of Kerala, Onam kick-start on Uthradam day. In the Nair Tharawad (Nair household), to the Karnavar (eldest member of the family), Onakkazhcha is wholeheartedly given by the farmers and tenants on this day.

Tenth day of Onam – 8 September 2022, Thiruvonam – Second Onam (Thursday)

The tenth day of Onam is known as Thiru-Onam which literally also means second Onam. In 2022, Thiruvonam date is September 8.

According to the religious history, it is largely believed that it was on this day Vamana suppressed Mahabali to underground. At this situation, Mahabali requested Vamana that he wishes to return in order to meet his people and wholeheartedly bless them. The day marks return of Mahabali according to his received boon to visit his fabled land that is Kerala.

Eleventh day of Onam –  9 September 2022, Avittam – Third Onam (Friday)

Twelfth day of Onam – 10 September 2022, Chatayam – Fourth Onam (Saturday)

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  1. Agni Sharman says:

    This is the actual days of celebration.

    First day – 30 August 2022, Atham festival

    Second day – 31 August 2022, Chithira

    Third day – 1 September 2022, Chodhi

    Fourth day – 2 September 2022, Visakam

    Fifth day – 3 September 2022, Anizam

    Sixth day – 4 September 2022, Thriketa

    Seventh day – 5 September 2022, Moolam

    Eighth day – 6 September 2022, Pooradam

    Ninth day – 7 September 2022, Uthradam

    Tenth day – 8 September 2022, Thiruvonam