Patience shown by Great King Mahabali

Bali vamana story

Bali vamana story

Patience is the maintenance of calmness without getting angry with anyone, even when we face a difficult situation in our life. Patience is the best medicine to come out from our stress and mental tension, especially during the times of unforeseen circumstances.

As per legend, Lord Vamana had attended the yagna of Mahabali, grandson of the great Bhakta Prahalada, and asked him to donate three foot of land. When Mahabali was ready to offer his donation, Vamana had taken his Viswaroopa form and began to grow in a gigantic form covering the earth and the upper worlds. Since Mahabali was unable to offer the donation as requested by Lord Vamana, he went to the underworld, Sutala Loka, and residing there along with his family from the beginning of Treta Yuga. As per the boon given by Lord Vamana, he would become the next Indra only after the end of this Kali Yuga. So King Mahabali is patiently waiting in the Sutala Loka for several millions of years, and still he need to wait for 4,26,000+odd years for becoming the next Indra.

In this today’s modern world, lot of unfavorable things are happening in our life. Everything is not happening as per our wish. Patience should be followed by us not for just one day, but we have to follow it throughout our life.

Our mother is patiently waiting for our arrival from her womb for ten months. After that, she has to carefully take care of us till our teenage. For doing all these, she requires lot of patience. Our father has to take care of our family, till we attain a proper position in our life. He has to buy the provisions, study material for us, education fees, dresses and many more. If he earns properly, then there would be no problem. But suppose, if he lose his job, then what will happen to him and to us? He would try to borrow money from others in the hope of getting a good job within next few months. At that time, his position would become very worst. He has to receive scolding from his wife and from us. During such kind of situation, he has to maintain patience.

Likewise, after completing our education, getting a job immediately is not possible for everyone. At that time, we must have to maintain patience and must worship the great almighty in a whole heartedly manner. During the times of conflicts between the spouses, any one of them, must maintain patience, and talk to their life partner in a soft and gentle manner. While working in our offices, sometimes our boss may unnecessary shout on us, due to his personal problems, at that time also we should not argue with him, and must maintain patience and talk to him politely, or otherwise we may lose our job, and would suffer a lot for maintaining our family.

Many office staffs would be patiently waiting for their promotions, increments and transfers, whether they are getting it or not! Our military warriors, who are working in India border, would have to patiently do their service, and their safe return to their home town during holidays cannot be estimated, since at any time, anything may happen to them.

We can see in the most of the SaiBaba temples that the word “PATIENCE” would be written in the temple walls. Whenever, without a valid reason, if we have been enquired by any police officials, we have to maintain strict patience and must reply to them politely. Even if they raise their voice on us, at any cost we should not get anger with them, or otherwise we have to face lot of difficulties from them. By maintaining strict patience, god would dwell in our heart permanently and we can achieve sure success in our life.


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