Seventh Day of Onam, Moolam, 5 September 2022

The seventh day of the ten day Onam carnival is known as Moolam. The commercial building and the state building are filled with bright colors and luminaries during this day. In 2022, Moolam Onam date is September 5.

The last-minute Onam shopping busy can be seen in all local markets and malls. Most of these places are overcrowded. In the people’s eye, the spirit of happiness and joy can be witnessed.

In the household, the women folks and children revamp their floral carpets. They give a new look and design to the floral carpet. This really attracts the entrance and main hall of the house. Neighbors, friends and relatives visit each other’s house in order to have a look at others floral carpets.

Onam special buffet lunch demo is prepared on this day. The smaller Ona-Sadya is prepared in the traditional manner. On from this particular day, most of the major and minor temples offers special lunch to the devotees. Masked leopard dance which is locally known as Puli Kali is performed in this festivity. Women folk indulge in Kaikotti Kali in front of their house or in various events.

The Kerala state’s official Government celebrations kick starts on this day in the major cities like Kozhikode, Kochi and Thiruvanthapuram. In this event, locals and foreign tourist participate in a large manner. The organizing committee of this celebration tries to include all those items that are related to Malayali culture and tradition. There is no element of modernism in this celebration. More of Kerala tradition and culture are reflected in this festivity and related celebrations.

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