Kumbha Masam 2018 | Kumba Month in Malayalam Calendar

Kumbha Masam or Kumba month or kumbham is the seventh month among 12 months of Malayalam calendar followed in Kerala and some Konkan regions. In 2018, Kumbha Masam begins on February 13 and ends on March 14. Kumbha Bharani Utsavam and Attukal Pongala are the major festivals in Kumbha Masam of Kerala. Kumbha Masam 2018 […]

Makara Masam 2018 | Makaram Month in Malayalam Calendar of Kerala

Makara Masam or Makaram month is the sixth month in Malayalam calendar of Kerala and other Malabar regions. In 2018, Makara Masam starts on January 15 with Makara Sankranti or transition of Sun into Makara rashi (Capricorn) and ends on February 12, 2018. Makara vilakku or Makarajyothi festival in Sabarimala Ayyappa temple marks the beginning […]

Malayalam Festivals 2018 | Malayalam Festivals Calendar 2018

Kerala, the God’s own country, is the land of devotion and spirituality. There is a huge list of Malayalam Festivals celebrated in Kerala and all over the world by Malayali people in throughout the year 2018. Apart from the world’s biggest floral festival Onam, Makara Sankramana, Attukal Pongala, Pankuni Uthiram, Vishu, Thrissur Pooram, Ashtami Rohini, […]

Vrischika Masam 2017 | Vrischikam Month in Kerala Calendar

Vrischika Masam or Vrischikam month in Malayalam calendar of Kerala is the fourth month of Kolla varsham. In 2017, Vrischika masam starts on November 16 and ends on 15 December. English year 2017 – 2018 is 1193 year in Kollavarsham or religious almanac of Kerala. Vrischikam month consists of 30 days in 1193 year. Vrischika Sankranti or […]

Kanni Masam 2017 | Kanni Month dates in Malayalam Calendar of Kerala

Kanni Masam or Kanni month is 2nd month in Malayalam calendar of Kerala & Malabar regions of Karnataka. In 2017, Kanni masam starts on September 17 and ends on October 16. Kanni masam marks the fruitful harvest season in Kerala. Kanya Sankranti or Sun’s transition into Kanni rashi marks the beginning of Kanni masam in […]

Chinga Masam 2017 | Chingam Month in Malayalam Calendar

Chinga Masam or Chingam Month is the first month in traditional Malayalam calendar of Kerala. In 2015, Chinga Masam starts on August 17 and ends on 16 September. Malayalam calendar or Kolla Varsham begins on Chingam 1 or the first day of the Chingam month. Chingam month 1 marks the beginning of Kolla Varsham 1193 (Malayalam […]

Karkidaka Kanji – Ingredients, Method of Preparation

Karkidaka Kanji – Ingredients, Method of Preparation.. Karkadika Kanji is a recipe made exclusively in Kerala during Karkidaka Masam to get rid of unhealthy conditions that may occur during the rainy season of Karkidaka Masam (July-August) and Chinga Masam (August-September) in Malayalam calendar. Here is the list of ingredients needed for Karkidaka Kanji 1. Malli […]

Karkidaka Masam 2017 | Karkidakam Month 2017

Karkidaka masam (Karikidakam month / Ramayana Masam) is the last and 12th month in Malayalam calendar followed in Kerala. In 2017, Karkidaka Masam starts on July 17 and ends on August 16. Karkidakam month is dedicated to dead ancestors during when Shraddh ritual or pitru tharpan are offered to them. It marks the Sun’s transition […]

Nalambala Darshanam in Ramayana Masam (Karkidaka Masam)

Nalambala Darshanam is an auspicious pilgrimage observed during Ramayana Masam (Karkidaka Masam). Nalambala Darshanam is the collective pilgrimage of four temples – The four temples dedicated to the brothers Rama, Lakshmana, Bharata and Shathrughna, located in Ramapuram, Koodappulam, Amanakara, and Methiri respectively, are perfect for this as they are not more than four kilometres apart […]

Ramayana Masam 2017 begins in Malayalam calendar of Kerala

Karkidaka masam or Karkadika month, also known as Ramayana masam, begins on July 17, 2017 as per traditional Malayalam calendar followed in Kerala. Karkidaka masam is the last month in Kerala and it marks the ending of Kollavarsham 2016-2017 and Chingam Month 1 marks the beginning of Kollavarsham 2017-2018. During this month no auspicious events […]

Karkadika Vavu Bali 2017 | Karkidaka Vavubali in Kerala

Karkadika Vavubali or Karkidaka Vavu Bali is an important ritual performed in Kerala to pay honor to forefathers or dead ancestors. In 2017, Karkidaka Vavubali date is July 23. It is observed on Amavasya in Karkadika masam or Karkidakam month (July – August). Tamil people observe the ritual with the name of Aadi Amavasi or […]

Mithunam Month 2017 (Mithuna Masam 2017) in Kerala calendar

Mithunam Month or Mithuna masam is the 11th month in traditional Malayalam calendar followed in Kerala. In 2017, Mithunam masam begins on 15 June and ends on 16 July. Mithuna Sankranti marks the beginning of Mithuna month. There is no major Malayalam festival is celebrated in the month of Midhuna. But some temple festivals (Poorams) […]

Edavam Month 2018 in Malayalam Calendar | Edavam Masam in Kerala

Edavam month or Edavam masam is the 10th month in traditional Malayalam calendar followed in Kerala. In 2018, Edavam month begins on May 15 and ends on June 14. The first day of Edavam month signifies the Sun’s transition into Edavam Raasi (Vrishabha Rasi or Taurus zodiac). Vrishabha Sankranti also marks the beginning of Vrushabha […]

Thrissur Pooram 2017 | Trichur Pooram festival 2017 at Vadakkunnathan Temple in Kerala

Thrissur Pooram 2017, Trichur Pooram festival 2017 at Vadakkunnathan Temple in Kerala. Thrissur Pooram festival in 2017. Thrissur Pooram 2017 Timings, Schedule, fireworks timetable. Thrissur Pooram, also known as Trichur Pooram festival is the biggest temple festival in Kerala celebrated at Vadakkunnathan Temple in Thrissur district. Thrissur Pooram 2017 date is May 5. Thrissur Pooram […]

Thrissur Pooram 2017 Live Online

Thrissur Pooram or Trichur Pooram is the largest temple festival in Kerala as well as in India. You can watch Thrissur Pooram 2017 live online on May 5th through live streaming of Kerala Malayalam TV Channels. Kairali TV, DD Malayalam, and Manorama News will telecast Thrissur Pooram live on their TV Channels. Manorama News may telecast […]

Vishu 2018 | Vishu Festival date in 2018 | Malayalam New Year 2018

Vishu 2018, Vishu Festival date in 2018, When is Vishu in 2018 in Kerala? In 2018, Vishu date is April… Vishu is the harvest festival of Kerala observed on the first day of the Medam month (April – May) of Malayalam Panchang. Vishu 2018 date is April 14. Vishu is the first day in Malayalam calendar. […]

Meda Masam 2018 in Kerala, Medam Month in Malayalam Calendar

Meda Masam or Medam month in Malayalam calendar followed in Kerala is the ninth month.  In 2018, Meda Masam begins on April 14 and ends on May 14. The first day of Medam month (Vishu) marks the beginning of the Astrological Malayalam New Year in Kerala. Medam masam coincides with Chithirai month in Tamil calendar […]

Vishukani Darshan at Guruvayur & Chennai Mahalingapuram

Vishukani Darshan is the first sighting on Vishu festival and is considered very important. In 2017, Vishu festival date is April 14. Most of the temples will be opened for Vishnukani darshan at very early in the morning and will be continued till late night. Vishukani consists of a ritual arrangement of auspicious items like […]