Karkidakam Month 2022 begins today in Malayalam Calendar, Karkidakam Masam

Karkidakam Month 2022 has begun today, 17 July. Also known as, Ramayanam Masam, Karkidakam Masam (last or 12th month in Malayalam calendar of Kerala) ends on August 16.

This month has great importance as this month is dedicated to dead ancestors. It begins on Karkidaka sankramana day, the day when Sun transits into Karkidaka rashi from Midhuna rashi. During this month, devotees chant the Ramayanam.

Karkidaka Vavu or Karkidaka Vavu bali is an auspicious day dedicated to dead ancestors. Karkidaka vavu 2022 date is July 28. Shraddh rituals and Pithru Tharpanam are observed on this day in Kerala.

Best Places for Karkidaka Vavubali in Kerala

Karkidaka Vavubali at Shanmugam Beach

Karkidaka Vavubali at Papanasam Beach, Varkala

Nalambala Darshanam in Ramayana Masam

Hyderabad – Karkidaka Vavubali Places

Bangalore – Karkidaka Vavubali Places

Chennai – Karkidaka Vavubali Places

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    in karkidakam which day was good for purchase a new bike

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    is it in auspicious day to conceive in karkidakam

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    is it good to buy bikes in malayala masam karkidakam