Meena Masam 2020 | Meenam month in Malayalam Calendar or Kolla Varsham

Meena Masam or Meenam month is the 8th month in the traditional Malayalam Calendar or Kollavarsham followed in Kerala. In 2020, Meena Masam starts on March 14 and ends on April 13.

Meenam Masam corresponds with Panguni month in Tamil Calendar, Phalguna and Chaitra month in other Hindu calendars, and March – April in Gregorian calendar.

Meena Sankranti marks the beginning of Meenam month in Kerala. The last day of Meenam month marks the ending of a Malayalam year or Kolla Varsham. The following day is observed as Malayalam Zodiac New Year or Vishu in Kerala.

The actual Malayalam New Year is Chingam 1 (first day of Chingam month).

Auspicious days and Festivals in Meenam Month 2020

14 March 2020, Saturday – Sabarimala Masa Pooja Arambham, Meena Samkramam, Shadasheeti Punyakalam

19 March 2020, Thursday – Papamochani Ekadashi

21 March 2020, Saturday – Pradosham

24 March 2020, Tuesday – Amavasi

28 March 2020, Saturday – Meena Bharani

30 March 2020, Monday – Shasti

2 April 2020, Thursday – Rama Navami

4 April 2020, Saturday – Kamada Ekadashi

5 April 2020, Sunday – Pradosham

7 April 2020, Tuesday – Pournami Vrutham, Panguni Uthiram

8 April 2020, Wednesday – Pournami, Hanuman Jayanti

13 April 2020, Monday – Meda Sankramam

14 April 2020, Tuesday – Sabarimala Masa Pooja Arambham, Vishu, Tamil New Year

Medam Masam in Previous Years

In 2019, Meena Masam starts on March 15 and ends on April 14.

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