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Thula Masam 2016, Thulam Month in Malayalam Calendar

Thula Masam 2016, Thulam Month 2016 in Malayalam Calendar

Thula Masam or Thulam month is the 3rd month in traditional Malayalam calendar followed in Kerala and some Malabar regions of Karnataka. In 2016, Thula Masam starts on October 17 and ends on November 15.

Thula Sankramanam marks the beginning of Thula masam in Kerala. On Thula Sankramana day, Sun transits into Thula rashi (Libra zodiac) from Kanni rasi (Virgo zodiac).

Deepavali or Diwali is the biggest festival in Thula month 2016. Deepavali 2016 date is October 30.

Arattu festival at Thiruvananthapuram Ananta Padmanabha Swamy Temple is another major festival celebrated in Thula masam.

Kalpathy Ratholsavam is the famous festival celebrated during Thulam Month in Kerala. Ratholsavam is the major festival of Palakkad Kalpathy Vishwanathaswamy Temple of Kerala.

Important festivals of Thulam Month 2016

October 17, 2016 –  Sabarimala Masa Pooja Arambham, Tula Ravi Samkramam

18 October 2016 – Karthika Vritham

24 October 2016 – Mannarasala Ayilyam

26 October 2016 – Rama Ekadashi

27 October 2016 – Pradosham

29 October 2016 – Deepavali

30 October 2016 – Karuthu Vavu

31 October 2016 – Sri Somavara Vritam

1 November 2016 – Kerala Piravi

2 November 2016 – Parumala Perunnal

3 November 2016 – Chaturthi Vritham

5 November 2016 – Shasti Vritham

11 November 2016 – Udhana Ekadashi

12 November 2016 – Vishweshwara Vratam , Tulasi Vivaha Pooja

14 November 2016 – Pournami Vrutham , Uma Maheshwara Vratam , Veluthu Vavu

Thula month coincides with Tamil month of Aippasi masam, Ahwayuja and Kartik months in other lunar Hindu calendars.

Next month in Malayalam calendar is – Vrischika masam or Vrishchikam month.

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