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Mithunam Month 2019 (Mithuna Masam 2019) in Kerala calendar

Mithunam Month or Mithuna masam is the 11th month in traditional Malayalam calendar followed in Kerala. In 2019, Mithunam masam begins on 16 June and ends on 16 July. Mithuna Sankranti marks the beginning of Mithuna month.

There is no major Malayalam festival is celebrated in the month of Midhuna. But some temple festivals (Poorams) are celebrated. Midhuna masam corresponds with Tamil month of Aani, Bengali month of Aashar, and Telugu and Kannada month of Jyeshta masam.

Kottiyoor Temple festival (Kottiyoor Vaisakha Maholsavam) is celebrated during Mithuna masam 2018.

Festivals in Mithuna Masam 2019

17 June 2019, Monday – Pournami Vrutham , Sthaleepakam , Pournami

21 June 2019, Friday – Vaidhriti Punyakalam , International Day of Yoga

27 June 2019, Thursday – Dattatreya Jayanti

29 June 2019, Saturday – Yogini Ekadashi

30 June 2019, Sunday – Pradosham

2 July 2019, Tuesday – Amavasi , Amavasi Orikkal

3 July 2019, Wednesday – Ashadha Gupta Navratri , Ashadha Month Starts , Sthaleepakam

7 July 2019, Sunday – Shasti , Vyatheepatha Punyakalam

12 July 2019, Friday – Shayana Ekadashi , Chathurmasya Vratam Starts

14 July 2019, Sunday – Pradosham

16 July 2019, Tuesday – Partial Lunar eclipse , Vaidhriti Punyakalam , Guru Poornima , Pournami Vrutham , Pournami , Karkadaka samkramam , Sabarimala Masa Pooja Arambham

The next month in Malayalam Calendar is Karkadakam month (Ramayana Masam).

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