Dhumavati Jayanti 2017 | Maa Dhumavathi Jayanthi

Dhumavati Jayanti or Maa Dhumavathi Jayanthi is the first appearance day of Goddess Dhumavati, one of the Dus Mahavidyas (Ten Trantric Goddesses). In 2017, Dhumavati Jayanthi date is June 1.

Dhumavati Jayanti is observed on Jyeshta Shukla Ashtami, eighth day in bright half of Jyeshta maas. Maa Dhumavati is depicted as an old and ugly widow riding a crow. She is associated with inauspicious things in Hinduism.

The photo or image of Dhumavati Mahavidya is often used at cremation ground. Dhumavati Sahasranama stotram (thousand-name hymn) describes her as the great teacher ans related her with positive aspects as well as negative energies.

Married couples also worship Goddess Dhumavathi in Varanasi Dhumavati Temple. Mostly, Tantriks worship her than normal devotees.

In 2016, Dhumavati Jayanthi date was June 12.

In 2015, Dhumavati Jayanthi date was May 26.

In 2014, Dhumavati Jayanthi date was June 6.

In 2013, Dhumavati Jayanthi date was June 17.

In 2012, Dhumavati Jayanthi date was May 29.

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  1. neeraj sainipujari says:

    i am neearj saini”pujari” pithadhiswar of ma dhoomavati pith. i want to help you about dhumavati jayanti & other all knowledge of dhoomavati. please send me.

  2. Yadavendra says:

    Dasaa Maa Gujarati Varta Katha & photo Image

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