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Vrischika Masam 2017 | Vrischikam Month in Kerala Calendar

Vrischika Masam or Vrischikam month in Malayalam calendar of Kerala is the fourth month of Kolla varsham. In 2017, Vrischika masam starts on November 16 and ends on 15 December.

English year 2017 – 2018 is 1193 year in Kollavarsham or religious almanac of Kerala. Vrischikam month consists of 30 days in 1193 year.

Vrischika Sankranti or Vrischika Sankramana marks the beginning of Vrischika masam in Malayalam calendar. Many temple festivals are celebrated during this month in Kerala.

Sabarimala Mandala Puja and Ayyappa Deeksha is the most auspicious ritual observed in the month. Sabarimala Mandalam season begins on November 15 and ends on December 26.

Guruvayur Ekadashi is a big festival of Guruvayurappan temple during Vrischikam month.

Vaikathastami festival is held in Vaikom Mahadeva Temple near Kottayam. It is one of the grand celebrations at Vaikom Mahadeva Temple.

Triprayar Ekadashi celebrations are held in Triprayar Sri Rama temple near Trissur during Vrischikam Month.

It coincides with Karthikai masam in Tamil calendar; Karthika and Margashira masam in Telugu and Kannada Panchangam. Next month in Malayalam calendar is Dhanu Masam or Dhanu month.

Important festivals in Vrischika Masam 2017 in Malayalam calendar

16 November 2017 – Sabarimala Masa Pooja Arambham, Mandala Kalam Begins, Vrischika Ravi Sankramanam

18 November 2017 – Amavasi, Karthuvavu

22 November 2017 – Chaturthi Vrutham

24 November 2017 – Shasti

30 November 2017 – Swargavathil Ekadashi, Guruvayur Ekadashi

1 December 2017 – Pradosham

2 December 2017 – Kartika Vilaku (Karthigai Deepam), Karthika Vrutham

3 December 2017 – Pournami Vritham, Veluthuvavu

13 December 2017 – Saphala Ekadashi

15 December 2017 – Pradosham

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