Nalambala Darshanam in Ramayana Masam (Karkidaka Masam)

Nalambala Darshanam is an auspicious pilgrimage observed during Ramayana Masam (Karkidaka Masam). Nalambala Darshanam is the collective pilgrimage of four temples – The four temples dedicated to the brothers Rama, Lakshmana, Bharata and Shathrughna, located in Ramapuram, Koodappulam, Amanakara, and Methiri respectively, are perfect for this as they are not more than four kilometres apart from each other in Kerala.

In 2022, Nalambala Darshanam begins on July 17 and ends on August 16.

As per the devotees in Kerala, it is believed that visiting the temples of the four deities on a single day in the month of ‘Karkkidakam’ will bring peace and solace to the devotees. And the pilgrimage should begin in the morning and be completed by forenoon.

The Nalambala Darshanam committee had made arrangements, including barricades and sheds for protection from rain, medical aid and ambulance service, free accommodation facilities, information centres, parking lots etc, for the pilgrims.

The four temples will be open from 5 AM to 12 noon and from 5 PM to 7.30 PM during the Ramayana month.

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