Worshipful Species in Hinduism | Animals, Birds, Insects in Hindu Dharma



Hindus used to worship even some kind of birds and animals as worshipful deities.

Chameleons, comes under the family of lizards, and there are several types of Chameleons, which lives in various parts of the world. Chameleons are the wonderful creations of Lord Brahma, since these are well-protected by the god, and these are liked by everyone in the world, in spite of its ugly face. Some people also used to keep this creature as a pet animal in their homes, similar to dogs and cats.

These species have got the ability to change their colours frequently, and similar to this gentle creatures, Lord Krishna also changes his qualities, attributes, his forms and his shape frequently, in order to shower his grace on all of his devotees. In his Bhagavat Gita

Teachings, Lord Krishna tells to Arjuna as follows:-

“I am the main source of all the worlds, and everything is formed only from me, right from a small ant to a huge elephant. Those who are considered as my true devotees would know about my powers”.

There is also a famous story related to a Chameleon, which was transformed into a handsome demigod, after it was touched by Lord Krishna, and the story is as follows:-

Once, Lord Krishna visited the forests, and there he saw a huge Chameleon, which was fallen in a big well. Lord Krishna easily went inside the well through his spiritual powers, and pulled the Chameleon out from the well.

As soon as the chameleon came out, it was transformed into a Deva, and began to worship Krishna.

He said: “O Lord Krishna, My name isNrig, and the noble KingIkshvaku was my father. In my life, once I have done a small mistake, and for that, I have received a curse from a Brahmin, and due to that, I have been born as a Chameleon, and through your grace, now I have been granted salvation by you. Oh My Dear Lord Krishna, I don’t know how to praise and what to praise you, since there are no words to praise you, and I consider you as the supreme entity”.
After saying the above words to Lord Krishna, Nrig had went to the abode of Lord Indra, the Indra Loka, and it is believed that still now he lives in the heaven, by enjoying all sorts of comforts in that divine world.

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