Ancient Physicians – Charaka & Sushruta

Ancient physicians like Charaka and Sushruta have contributed a lot in the Ayurveda field. They have done even the complicated eye surgeries through Ayurveda medicines. They have lived in India before few thousand years ago, and lived a pious and a saintly life. They have also written books on Ayurveda medicine like ‘Charaka Samhita’, which prescribes various medicines to cure different kinds of diseases.

Ancient physicians were mostly Hindus and they were expert in Vedas, Upanishads and other holy texts. Through the grace of the almighty, they have removed the diseases of the people, and changed their life styles. By using natural herbs, they have cured even the most dreaded diseases like cancer and tumours etc. They possess good memory power and physical strength and they used to regularly worship Lord Dhanvantari Bhagavan, and the Ashwini Devas, the twin sons of Lord Surya, and the divine physicians.

Before applying medicine on the body of the patients, they used to chant the divine mantra, would pray to the almighty, and then they would start doing their work. As a result, the patients were found great relief, and their diseases disappeared within a few days. Ancient physicians didn’t charge much from the patients, and for the poor patients, they used to treat them at free of cost.

They contain very good nature, and they were praised by the people belonged to all classes, and of all ages. Some physicians were even got the divine darshan of Lord Dhanvantari, and after getting blessings from him, they have got great powers, and have discharged their duties excellently.

But at present, though people are afford to spend lot of money for curing their diseases, but in case of some rare diseases, the doctors are even unable to cure the diseases of their patients fully. In case of Ayurveda doctors, they are also finding it difficult to collect the medicinal herbs from forests and mountains. But still they offer good treatment to all of their patients, but however, they cannot compete with our ancient physicians, who are considered as the forms of Lord Dhanvantari Bhagavan.


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