Scientific convention says that time is changing & space is constant, but why Ancient Texts say reverse?

Scientific convention says that time is changing and space is constant. Ancient texts say that time is constant and space is changing. Can you explain this phenomenon? For this question, Sri Sri Ravishankar explaining in his own words…

Even in time there are two types of time. One is the time that changes, i.e., the past, present and future; another is the grand time that does not change; the reference point of all other times. It is called the Mahakaala, which means the grand time.

When you say change, you always need a reference point with which you determine or count the change in time. There should be something non-changing in order to know the change, whether it is with regards to space or in time.

So the reference point is non-changing and is the basis of all changes.

To know time, you need to know the mind. Unless you know the mind you cannot grasp time, and the mind is unfathomable. You cannot know the totality of it.

That is why, to the degree you understand your mind, to that degree you know time.

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