Spiritual and Technological Advancement

In the present day, our country’s technology has very much developed, and we have attained a rapid stage of advancement in latest technology. We have launched the Chandrayan, and still planning to send rockets to the moon and trying to examine the layer of the moon, who is our beloved Lord Chandra Bhagavan. Due to the introduction of smart phones, tablet PC’s and laptops people are finding it easy to communicate with others. In the past times, for sending our resumes to the companies, we would use the help of courier companies and post offices.

But during the previous Dwapara Yuga, due to the grace of Veda Vyasa and Krishna, Sanjaya was able to narrate the Kurukshetra war incidents to the blind king Dhritarashtra from the palace of Dhritarashtra. The great sage Narada, Tumbura and other rishis were able to fly from one world to another world, due to their spiritual powers, and due to the spiritual advancement in the previous yugas, even some saints, pious kings and queens were able to fly in the skies. In general, technological advancement cannot compete with spiritual advancement, since technology is created by the man, whereas spirituality belongs to god.

Nowadays through Electronic Mail, we would be able to transform our messages within a few minutes. Previously whenever we receive telegram during the night, we would shiver from fear, since most of the people feel that telegram message delivered during the night would contain sad messages. Through the introduction of SMS facility in the mobile phones, telegraph services were closed in the post offices.

Through these advanced facilities, we are finding ourselves very much satisfied, and our work also is completed faster. With the help of advanced calculators, we would be able to make even big calculations within a few seconds. But we have to make use of the advanced technologies only for productive purposes. Using it for some other bad purposes would cause problems in our life. Internet can be used for seeing devotional videos, as well as can be used for seeing pornographic videos also. If we see devotional matters in the video, we would get peacefulness and mental relaxation, whereas if we see pornographic videos, our vision would be changed, and we would be interested in doing only ugly things in our life.

Hence whenever we browse the internet, we have to see only the useful things that are needed in our life, and we have to avoid the unnecessary and unwanted matters from the internet. God has given the wisdom to us, and tells the dos and don’ts which has to be followed in our daily life. If we doesn’t follow the guidelines laid by the god, our life would become very difficult.

Hence let us make use of advanced technology in a proper manner, and let us worship the almighty for giving the courage, wisdom and boldness to face any challenges in our life.


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