Which Gods are worshipped to get rid of Shani Dosha Effects

Worship these Gods to get rid of Shani Dosha.. These Pujas and Upasanas will make you get away from the malefic Shani effects in all aspects of life.

According to Maharshi Parashar, to get rid of any Graha Dosha worship the same Graha. And he says the particular Graha is not lesser than any God in terms of pacification and providing with some relief. As per Parashara Sukti, it is recommended to do Shani Puja to get rid of his malefic effects on native.

After Shani Dosha Nivarana Puja, chant the below Mantra for 108 times daily to get rid of Shani’s bad effects on native..


ॐ शं शनैश्चाराय नमः |

From Shani, the Kurmavatara (Vishnu’s Turtle incarnation) was originated. Hence, listening to the story of Kurmavatara’s birth and performing Puja and Upasana of Kurmanatha Swamy will cleanse the performers of the negative effects of Shanidev.

Brahmadev is the Adhidevata of Shani. Brahma Puja is also gives us the merit of being free from Shanidev’s ill effects on performers. Daan and Dakshina to Brahmins also help us get rid of Shanidev’s malefic effects.

Those who are suffering from the bad effects of Shani Mahadasha get rid of these if they do Shiva Puja. Mahamrityunjaya Mantra Jaap, Rudrabhishekam and other Shivaradhana procedures will clear the ill effects of a bad Shani.

Hanuman Puja is also considered as Shani Shaman. The story of relation between Hanuman Puja and Shani Shaman goes like this.. When Shani was imprisoned by Ravana, the one who helped him to get away from the clutches of Ravana was Hanuman. Impressed by Hanuman’s might and the nature of service, Shani gave Hanuman a word of not troubling the persons who perform Hanuman Puja.

Mahakali Puja in Dashamahavidya is also referred to as Shani Shaman Puja. Sometimes, Mahakali Mahavidya Puja and Upasana is considered as Vamachara Tantra.

As mentioned above, apart from Shani Puja, Vishnu Kurmavatara Puja, Brahma Puja, Bhagawan Shiva Pujan, Hanuman Puja, Mahakali Sadhana, Sri Krishna Upanasa, etc, are considered for Pacification of Shani Bhagawan and to get rid of malefic effects of Shani Durdasha.

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