Thiruvonam, Tenth day of Onam Celebrations – 21 August 2021

The tenth day of Onam is known as Thiru-Onam which literally also means second Onam. In 2021, Thiruvonam date is August 21. According to the religious history, it is largely believed that it was on this day Vamana suppressed Mahabali to underground. At this situation, Mahabali requested Vamana that he wishes to return in order […]

Uthradam, Ninth day of Onam Festival – 20 August 2021

The ninth day of Onam is known as Uthradam. In order to wholeheartedly welcome King Mahabali, people are in very high spirits on this particular day. In 2021, Uthradam Onam date is August 20. In some regions of Kerala, Onam kick-start on Uthradam day. In the Nair Tharawad (Nair household), to the Karnavar (eldest member […]

Eighth Day of Onam, Pooradam – 19 August 2021

The eighth day of Onam is known as Pooradam. This day holds a special significance in the Onam festivity. In 2021, Pooradam Onam date is August 19. The Athappookalam or floral carpet is largely increased in width. The family members add more special flowers to it. The people highly expect the arrival of Onthappan so […]

Onam 2021 Calendar | Onam Schedule, Ten festivals of Onam in 2021

Onam festival in Kerala - Pookalam

Onam 2021 Calendar, Onam Schedule, Ten festivals of Onam in 2021. Onam is not a celebration of a one day or two days. Onam is a grand gala of 10 festivals. In 2021, Onam festival celebrations begin on August 13 and ends with Thiru Onam on August 21. Onam calendar or schedule consists of 10 […]

Seventh Day of Onam, Moolam – 18 August 2021

The seventh day of the ten day Onam carnival is known as Moolam. The commercial building and the state building are filled with bright colors and luminaries during this day. In 2021, Moolam Onam date is August 18. The last-minute Onam shopping busy can be seen in all local markets and malls. Most of these […]

Thriketa, Sixth day of Onam Festivities – 17 August 2021

The sixth day of Onam is known as Thriketa. It is to be noted that several cultural programs are well organized by the committees in the villages, towns and cities. In 2021, Thriketa Onam date is August 17. Malayali does usually take a lot of keen interest in participating in activities and functions of Onam […]

Anizham, Fifth day of Onam – 16 August 2021

Anizham is the fifth day of grand Onam celebration. The Anizham day falls in the month of Chingam according to the Malayalam calendar. In 2021, Anizham Onam date is August 16. This day is one of the important days of Onam festival. On this day, Vallamkali is held in a grand manner. Vallamkali means snake […]

Six to Ten days of Onam festival in Kerala

Athapookalam Onam Pookalam Competition Design

On the sixth day, it is Thriketa during which the schools and public offices starts issuing holidays and people starts packing their bags to their native homes to celebrate the festival with their dear ones. On the seventh day of Onam, it is Moolam a special buffet lunch is organized. Festivities include puli kali (Masked […]

One to five days of Onam festival in Kerala

onam pookalam design

On the first day of Onam, it is believed that King Mahabali starts his preparations to descend from heaven to Kerala on this day. Elephant processions, folk art presentations, music and dancing make this day a spectacular event which attracts tourist. The traditional pookalam (floral carpet) starts on this day and the size of pookalam […]